Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Waaagh grows!

Hey, did you guys know that I'm working on Orks?  I don't know if you remember that last few posts, but I have definitely gotten into a groove when it comes to the Greenskins.  I've been building models and writing up so many army lists that I needed to sit back and check out what was going on.

So remember that army that I've been using?  I plan on using it some more.  For 1000 points, I think this was pretty good, and I'm hoping to get a few more games with it before the great expansion...

HQ- Warboss, Warbike, Power Klaw, Bosspole, Cybork Body 
HQ- Painboy, Grot Orderly
Troop- 20 Boyz, 2 big Shootas, Nob with Power Klaw
Troop- 21 Boyz, 2 big Shootas, Nob with Power Klaw
Fast- 5 Deffkoptas with twin Rokkit Launchas
Fast- 4 Warbikers, Warbiker Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole
Heavy- 8 Lootas, 2 Meks with Kustom Megablastas
Heavy- Deffdread wiht Kustom Megablasta and Skorcha

That leaves me 7 points to do anything I want with, and I just don't really care.  I'Z IZ PLAYIN' ORKZ!

But mobz of Orkz don't become mobz if I just sit back and wait.  A buddy donated some Shoota-boyz, a Battlewagon, a Trukk, and some other things.  I added many more Nobz, bikes, and a couple more Trukks.  Oh, and a dakkajet, in case you missed the last post.  That will bring me up to 1500 points by leaving out a Trukk and the Battlewagon, and removing the Deffdread.  That's right, MORE ORKZ!

But wait, there's more!  I still have Kans and Boyz and Gitz and Grotz and Dreads and Nobz and...  I still have a ton of Orks.  And if I don't get on this fast, I fear that they'll start fighting each other.  Looks like we need to get us a Krooza and find some 'oomies to punch!

What are you guys working on?  I only get to game once a week if I'm lucky, but I live vicariously through you guys.  Let me know, and of course, Happy Hobbying!

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  1. Woo ORKS!

    Check out da thinkin cap, and lucky stixx, for nice point usage on the warbosses.