Saturday, July 21, 2012

E'z a Nob!

The White Dwarf magazine was released with an Ork Nob or Space Marine Terminator for a month to celebrate the release of 'Assault on Black Reach'.  One of the staff began talking smack and it all eventually led to a paint contest amongst the community.  Our staff division was fierce competition, but what would you expect from a one-eyed brute?

He's eye-ing you down, 'oomie scum!  Waaaagh!

Monday, July 16, 2012

the Word Bearers have begun...

So I finally finished all four elements of this tiny force, and I'm sure many of you have checked out the pics already.  But I finished the bases and threw the models onto a display tray to show off.  Also, I haven't turned my army list into the league organizer, so this post will do that too. 

As I'm building this army, I'm sticking very hard to a theme.  I feel very strongly that if I'm going to play a 'bad-guy' army, I'm gonna do the guys that started it all.  In addition to being renegade Space Marines that have found the glory of daemon-worship and summoning rituals, the Word Bearers also happen to be the arch-nemesis to the Ultramarines chapter- a perfect example of faith versus format, zealotry versus stubborn-ness, evil versus good, and even good 'ol red versus blue.

The Word Bearers are very well-known for their absolute worship and subservience to the Dark Powers, specifically summoning daemonic creatures and possessing brave warriors.  They are also the only 'Legion' left in the renegade marines, waging war insanely but as overwhelming as they were 10,000 years ago.  Although the XVIIth Legion is massive and widely-known, they do not like to utilize 'marked' troops or allies from other warbands.  It's not that they are full of mistrust for others, it's actually more that Word Bearers follow the great plans laid out by any number of ancient Daemon-lords and rarely do warriors from other Chaos Marine forces understand.

Those two things are the guiding principle here- lots of possessed stuff and no marked troops.  I know this doesn't make for a very competitive army, but that's not how I think.  I want Word Bearers to be represented, and some butt will get kicked for it nonetheless.  Here's the army list:

Chaos Space Marines, 750 points

Kor Kharsis, Ascended
Daemon Prince, wings  [130]

the Horns of Faith
Chaos Squad (10), Aspiring Champion, Pwr Fist, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Missle Launcher, Icon of Chaos Glory  [240]

the Flames of Faith
Chaos Squad (10), Aspiring Champion, Pwr Swd, Plasma Pistol, 2 Flamers, Icon of Chaos Glory  [215]

Heavy Support
the Mouth
Defiler  [150]

Kor-Kharsis leads his force on a raid...  FOR CHAOS!!!

Daemon Prince!!!

I stayed up all night on Wednesday to paint this dood.  I started with the armor, then did the metal, then the bonework, then the flesh.  And here I thought Chaos Marines were a pain to paint...

Word Bearers 43rd Company Coryphaus
Kor-Kharsis Ascendant

Death looks good on you, mortal...

Wings are a total blast to paint, and I was really tired when I finally got to it, but I always think the work is worth it.  [Brought to you by GW's Plastic Dragon Wings]

With flash,
without flash.  It's a no win...

I didn't go too crazy on the Daemon Sword, but it looks suitably old and cool.

Sorry, not a great picture.

Here's what Lord Kharsis looks like to the opponents.  Mean, right?

With flash,

no flash.  Yep, no win.

 This model also happens to finish off my 750-point force for our escalation league.  Yay!!!  Now for the easy stuff like Possessed and Raptors and...  damn you, Chaos.  Why must you be so painful to paint, yet cool looking? 

Happy hobbying!