Thursday, July 12, 2012

the Flames of Faith

Word Bearers 43rd Company
Kor Kharsis' raiding warhost

1st Coterie
Aspiring Champion Byrteuth- Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Squad armed with 2 flamers

Better lighting, worse contrast on red...

Just because I like the picture.

the three most important doods in this squad

Just a quick freehand and VIOLA! a chaos banner...

This is my challenge monkey.  Go power sword!!!

Now on to the Daemon Prince!

Happy Hobbying!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the Horns of Faith

I finally finished the first squad of Chaos Marines and, let me tell you, I had totally forgotten how annoyingly detailed these models were.  All in all, it took me four times as long to paint these as I can usually take on Ultramarines.  But the results are worth it, as Chaos Marines are under-rated as one of the coolest-looking armies in 40k. 

Word Bearers 43rd Company
Kor-Kharsis' raiding host

2nd Battle Squad- "Horns of Faith"

 Aspiring Champion Gortatzki
-armed with Pwr Fist and Plasma Pistol

-squad armed with Plasma Gun and Missle Launcher
Here's a picture with better lighting but worse environment. 

I enjoyed the Icon Bearer

the three most important models in the squad...

Now on to the next squad...

Happy Hobbying!