Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Host of the Destroyer Hive

It was a great summer.  GW released the Eye of Terror codex and openned the tracker online and the league in-stores.  So much 40k destruction was wrought upon that Jersey mall.  I had the battle of filling some very distinctive hobby shoes- the three former managers were Studio Painters, or in the Promotions Department!  They were real good.  I slapped some paint on this monster for use in our mega-battles and did him in about three hours.  It went well enough, but I certainly wasn't replacing of my predecessors. 

With that being said, this model has stood the test of time.  Although smaller than the newer, plastic Terminator models, Typhus is still awesome enough to stand out and be suitably intimidating.

Notice the blood on the blade?  The Manreaper is ever-hungry...

Master of the Deathwing

It was just a couple weeks before Easter and the Emperor sent me to advanced training known as Immersion Course.  It was a major kick-in-the-teeth to get shop managers into the fast-paced skill of major events planning.  Build a few Battle-Bunker-worthy tables, run activities in the shop every day, promote and run a major month-ending event weekend, and, oh yeah, paint an entirely new army!!!

I chose Deathwing, because I are smart.  I had a sweet Dark Angels army which was going to be given away as a raffle-prize soon thereafter.  Plus, who can really pass up an all-Terminator army?  Not this guy, I can tell you that much.

Because I had so little time and I was separated from my ridiculous amount of bitz for a month, I broke down and just bought the stock Terminator Captain.  This model was great for the years after it was released, but the new plastic Terminators are bigger and better-looking.  But even with the ravages of time, I thought this model made a fine stand-in for Captain Belial.

The coolest part of painting this model was doing the checks on the shoulder pads.  This model's heraldry even brought a gushing compliment from a cool customer that came in for our big weekend.  I was very proud.  Unfortunately, this version of Master Belial is retired from the army, having now been replaced with a sweet conversion.  This one is honored as the one that got me to Easter...