Thursday, April 28, 2011

Army List Review

What did I do in the last week for the hobby, you ask?  Well, I did the review of the Grey Knight codex and just had to build myself an army.  Now I have a very small Daemon army (it'll get some love sooner or later, just know that Adepticon '09 (?) was awesome!!!), so I figured I'd build a small force of Daemonhunters to battle it.  Just for some gratuitous viewing pleasure, here's the Grey Knights' enemy force.

That's a Herald of Khorne, 5 Bloodcrushers, 2 units of 16 Deamonettes, and a really powerful Deamon Prince.  This force kicked major butt all over the place!!!

Now without further ado, here's the army list I've come up with. 

1000 points Grey Knight List
HQ- Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with Psybolt Ammo and Psyker upgrade  60 points
Elite-  4 Paladins with Force Halberds and Psybolt Ammo  240 points
Troops-  Terminator Squad with Incinerator, 3 Force Halberds, and 2 Force Swords  205 points 
Troops-  Terminator Squad with Psycannon and Force Halberds  225 points
Heavy Support-  Dreadknight with Heavy Psycannon and Nemesis Greatsword  195 points
** the extra 75 points can be spent on a)Paladin Apothecary upgrade or b)Dreadknight Teleporter.

And because I like showing off pictures, here's one of the Dreadknight in construction:
Here's another of the assembled Dreadknight:
Here's the Paladins for my force.  I just happened to have a few 'Old' Grey Knights left over, so I dug them out.  I also glued alot of slate on the bases to allow the the models to at least stand as tall as the newer metal Grey Knight Terminators.  

And there ya have it!  Let me know what you guys think...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to paint Blood Angels

I knocked out the expansion to my Blood Angels force in about 14 hours, spread over three weeks.  It seems only fair, therefore, that I should have recorded the process for sharing.  I did.

I must remind all of you that my 'army painting' is meant to be effective and fast.  If you are looking to win a Golden Daemon trophy, go visit Dave Taylor's site.  Here, in this article, you'll see how to paint an army quickly and well.  Now that the momo disclaimer bit is done...

Here are the materials  you'll need for this clinic:
Wash Brush, Standard Brush, Fine Detail Brush, Citadel Spray Gun, White Spray Primer, Mechrite Red, lots of Blood Red paint, Fiery Orange, lots of Baal Red wash, Boltgun Metal, Badab Black wash, Mithril Silver, Chaos Black, Codex Grey, Dark Angel Green, Snot Green, Scorpion Green, Skull White, Dheneb Stone, Gryphonne Sepia wash, Shining Gold, Chestnut Ink (or Devlan Mud), Shadow Grey, Space Wolf Grey, a priming tray, cup of clean water, a painting palette, and paper towels.

1.  After assembling the models, I primed them using White Spray Primer.  It dried instantly and off I went.

2.  Using the Citadel Spray Gun and 3 pots of Blood Red, I sprayed my basecoat onto the whole group.  With this step, I was already halfway done!

3.  Once the Blood Red layer dried (I waited about an hour before I remembered), use the standard brush to line highlight everything with Fiery Orange.  If you don't have Fiery Orange, just mix some Sunburst Yellow into Blazing Orange.  Also, don't worry about being 'neat' with this step- the wash will make everything better!

4.  Using the Wash Brush, wash all the models heavily with Baal Red wash.  I used two pots of it, and even double-washed the vehicles.  The dry time on this step was the most brutal, taking a couple of hours (mostly because of the vehicles). 

5.  Next is basecoating Boltgun Metal onto all boltguns, backpack machinery, and other random details.  On the vehicles, don't forget the wheels.  While doing this step, try not to get any silver onto any red.  But don't worry if you do, Mechrite Red solves this problem later.

6.  Once the Boltgun Metal layer is dry, wash it completely with Badab Black wash using the wash brush.

7.  With the Fine Detail brush, line highlight the metal areas with Mithril Silver.

8.  Next, basecoat the gun casings, chest eagles, and shoulder pad trim (as well as other small details such as ropes and such) with Chaos Black.

9.  Using the Fine Detail Brush, line highlight the black with Codex Grey.  Finer lines lead to better detail, so try very hard to be careful.  I mixed Chaos Black and Codex Grey together to make a 'transition color' for the sergeant's shoulder pads, as they needed more

10-11.  Basecoat the wings on shoulder pads and backpacks (and vehicles, to be fair) with Shadow Grey.  This can be done with the Standard Brush.  At the same time, basecoat the purity seals and banners with Dheneb Stone.
12-13.  Wash the Dheneb Stone with Gryphonne Sepia twice using the wash brush.  Once dry, line highlight with the Fine Detail Brush.

14-15.  Using the Fine Detail brush, highlight the grey wings with Space Wolves Grey.  After that, do a final highlight using Skull White.

16-19.  Basecoat the eyes, wax seals (the top of the purity seals), and the sensors on the vehicles with Dark Angels Green using the Standard Brush.  Switch to the Fine Detail Brush and continue by highlighting the purity seals with Snot Green.  Use the same color, but 'gem' the eyes and sensors.  Finish the highlights on the purity seals with Scorpion Green, while the eyes and senssors will recieve a final highlight as well.  Finish the eyes and sensor gems with the Skull White dot placed in the darkest corner. 

20-22.  Basecoat the end of the melta-gun and the 'jewelry' of the marines with Shining Gold.  Once dry, wash the area with Badab Black wash mixed with Chestnut Ink.  Finish with a very careful highlight of Mithril Silver mixed with Shining Gold.  All of this can be done with a Standard Brush.

23-26.  Following the 'gem' painting technique, paint the blood drops on shoulder pads and such with Blood Red mixed with Chaos Black, highlight with Blood Red, highlight again with Fiery Orange, and finish with the dot of Skull White in the dark corner.  I also like to finish with 'ardcoat (or varnish) just to add that extra shininess, but that's not necessary.

27.  Go back and touch up everything you messed up.  I focused on the red, since Blood Angels are rather well known for that.  Using a Standard Brush and Mechrite Red, I painted over any 'splotches'. 

And there ya have it, a bunch of fully painted, really simple, great-looking Blood Angels!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Full Frontal

It's time for me to spew forth opinions of doom about things again.  In this column, it's all about vehicles and the differences between the various versions.  This time it's all about the humble Land Speeder.

The Land Speeder is one of the coolest vehicles in the 41st Millenium, in my opinion.  And since I'm as awesome as they come, that means I'm right.  Here's why:

The Land Speeder is one of the many STC (standard template constructs) found by the famous technoarchaeologist, Arkhan Land.  It's ubiquitous designs featured a control 'cockpit', a propulsion engine, and a massive anti-grav plate that allowed it to hover.  Astartes forces began adding armor plating to afford greater protection for battlefield use, and many 'marks' have become commonplace.
The best features of the Land Speeder, as a battlefield weapon, is the 'deep strike' capability and the 'fast' rule.  This allows the Land Speeder to quickly engage any kind of target at almost immediately.  From a gamer standpoint, that can be very useful, especially for a model that doesn't cost that many points.

The various versions

Land Speeder
This is the 'standard' version of the Land Speeder.  It is commonly mounted with either an infantry-shredding heavy bolter or a tank-busting multi-melta.  The Heavy Bolter-armed Land Speeders work best in squadrons of three (that's 9 strength 5 shots for only 150 points!), while the the anti-tank Multi-Melta armament is ideal for individual 'sting' elements.
The lack of 'punch' in this model gives it a ranking of okay.

  Land Speeder Tornado, mk I
This version of the Land Speeder is scary at close range.  Mounting the infantry-focused heavy flamer and the anti-tank multi-melta, this vehicle can engage both targets as the battle progesses.  As a stand-alone unit, the Tornado I is a nuisance.  As part of a squadron of three vehicles, the unit becomes very lethal.  Using the unit to deep strike very close to the target means that it'll almost always earn back the 200 points it costs.
Unfortunately, the very short range of this version puts it at great risk for such an un-armored vehicle.  I rank it pretty good. 

Land Speeder Tornado, mk II
Made absolutely famous by the Dark Angel's Ravenwing Company, this version of the Land Speeder was the most common for a long time.  Mounting anti-infantry Heavy Bolters AND Assault Cannons, these vehicles scared the pants off all enemies.  The Tornado II was specifically meant to lay down alot of pew-pew.  Tyranids, Orks, Tau, and Eldar all react quickly to its deployment.  Unfortunately, the new edition of the game made deep-striking a less attractive way to deploy the vehicle, as now it can only fire one weapon. 
Nonetheless, with the huge amount of firepower (especially in squadrons) and the relatively low points cost, I rank this mark 'freakin' cool!'

Land Speeder Typhoon
For many long years, this model was the laughing stock of the Land Speeder world.  When I returned from college and bought myself back into the hobby, this was one of the first units I purchased.  And then I read my new codex (all 12 pages of it) and decided that the Typhoon was useless.  It sat in my stock closet for years.  And years.  And more years then (all adding up to about 12 years).  Then, the new rules were released.  The useless Typhoon missle was replaced with frag and krak rounds.  Then they were allowed to fire twice.  And all for around 100 points?  Plus another heavy weapon!?  Needless to say, I changed my mind recently and built that super-old model.  And then bought three more of the new plastic ones!!!  Mwahahahahah! 
The Typhoon is a fire-support vehicle in the extreme.  The Typhoon Missle Launchers can attack vehicles AND infantry equally, and then a Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta can be added.  The Heavy Bolter is fantastic as it engages infantry targets alongside the frag missles while the Land Speeder is zipping across the battlefield.  I personally prefer the Multi-Melta, however, as 2 krak missles and a Multi-Melta seem to be able to kill anything.  Sadly, this version must slow down a bit.  Deep Striking this Land Speeder is more effective than the Tornado version, as it'll fire one weapon and some frag missles into a unit.  Because of the high points cost, they work best in squadrons of two.  Even below strength, a Typhoon squadron pumps out alot of firepower.
Overall, I rank the Typhoon as 'Awesome'!

Land Speeder Storm
Okay, it mounts one Heavy Bolter, carries a half-size Scout Squad, and is crewed by noobs with a Ballistic Skill of 3.  It does mount a deep-strike-disruptor-thingie, which can be useful against those deamons.  But yeah...  This version leaves me speechless.
I rank the Storm as 'almost completely crap'.

Land Speeder Tempest
Have I mentioned that I love me some Land Speeders?  This version is the 'heavy' of the class.  It mounts a front armor value of 11 (making it much harder to kill unless battling against Tau) and mounts a twin-linked Missle Launcher and an Assault Cannon.  This model is a Forgeworld model and isn't part of the standard rules set, but I would be remiss if I didn't get this in as well.  After all, it is a Land Speeder...
Because of the heavy armor and cool weapons, I rank the Tempest as 'Cool.'

In Summation
I DO love me some Land Speeders.  I've never had an Ultramarine army without them.  They're speedy, deliver firepower onto whatever I need them to, and don't soak up too many valuable points.  But, as in life, there are always winners and losers.  Here's how I rank the different marks of the Land Speeders, from best to worst:
1.  Land Speeder Typhoon
2.  Land Speeder Tempest
3.  Land Speeder Tornado, mk II
4.  Land Speeder Tornado, mk I
5.  Land Speeder
6.  Land Speeder Storm

Tell me whether you guys agree or not, or what you think in general.  Happy Gaming!