Sunday, December 2, 2012

NOT Forgeworld!

I've been exposed to something very funny these last couple of weeks.  One of my gamer-buddies has been showing up to club day and bringing his super-old Chaos Space Marine army, which happens to include the ancient Rhinos.  Half a dozen times now, other gamers have walked up and asked if those models were Forgeworld.  Of course, the answer is an emphatic no.

I bring this up as 'funny' because it reinforces something that I know- I'm an old gamer.  I've been playing with these models since the late 80's and rolling dice for them since the 90's, but most of the people that play this game now are new and only found the glory that is 40k within the last 10 years or so.  That is amazing to me, even though I'm responsible for thousands of these 'newer' gamers.

There's even some more proof that I came across recently.  The one that had me flipped was on one of the big blog-sites (everyone should know which one it is) where someone started a comment thread trying to argue what the standard Land Raider variant is known as.  Anyone who knows anything about the 'technical' side of the hobby knows that it's called the PHOBOS pattern. But dozens of people tried to argue that it was known as the 'Godhammer Pattern' (which is what the lascannons are) or the 'Godwyn Pattern' (which is what the heavy bolters are), and even the 'Mark I' (which hasn't existed since '87).  Anyone who has been playing or collecting since White Dwarf issue #245 (summer 2000) would know this information.  But alas, most people are newer hobbyists than that.

But it's even 'funnier' these days because Warhammer 30,000 has finally hit the shelves and a huge portion of the hobby base has decided to go back in time and play this out (that'll be another post someday), which requires the use of a ton of Forgeworld models.  Let's look at these and the old stuff and see just how different it is.  Hopefully, this also serves as an education for the newer hobbyists on just how UNORIGINAL the new FW models are (and this isn't bad.  The FW stuff is supposed to look like the old stuff).

Rogue Trader era Rhino, which lasted until the early 2000's and was the oldest model in the 40k line...

Forgeworld Deimos Pattern Rhino


Rogue Trader era Predator, affectionately referred to as the 'Spoon-top' version

Forgeworld Deimos pattern Predator


Rogue Trader era Land Raider (the second version) and the first heavy tank model available to ALL armies

Forgeworld Proteus pattern Land Raider

See?  Same old models for us old gamers, but new Forgeworld conversion kits to copy.  I like the FW stuff, but the differences are also obvious.  My hint:  If you don't want to show your age in the hobby, please don't walk up to everyone using what seems to be old models and asking if they're Forgeworld.  THEY MAY NOT BE!  Some of us are just too poor to buy the new models (especially Rhinos, which all the old gamers have too many of) and are WAY too poor to buy the FW versions just because we may want to play 30k instead of the real game.

Now, right now you may be thinking that I'm being a 'bitter old man' and using that as an excuse to write a blog.  You're partially right, especially considering that I've been too busy to make my weekly post as normal.  But there's a second reason- I actually built something last night!  Let me show you some pictures...

I bought this from ebay a decade ago for $40, when this model was selling for triple that amount at minimum.  It was a deal, to say the least.  The original owner did a fantastic job building the core body of the vehicle and even added some leftover engine parts from some model car (he really loved this model, and I'm honoured to have picked it up).  Specifically check out those instructions.  Anyone that complains about GW's instructions is ignorant considering what they used to be...

I don't understand why the picture is flipped.  Sorry about that.
 Last night, around midnight, I got bored and decided to bust the model out and finish it.  I build the hedgerow-cutter, some other small accessories (such as headlights, smoke launchers, and viewing port), and finally assembled the weapons.  I know this is an ugly model, but I can't help but to love it.  PLUS- Forgeworld released rules for the Land Raider Proteus, which means I can actually use this in games (FW being allowed, of course).  If you have this model and want to use the rules, you can find them here:
Forgeworld LR Proteus rules

Not being one to simply have something for the sake of having it, I have to disclose that I'm very seriously thinking of using this model in my Word Bearers army.  Not only does it fit the theme of 'Heresy-era', but I never did like that renegade Legions have the same equipment as the loyalist chapters.  The XVIIth Legion is actually the only Legion left over after ten thousand years and they must have tons of the old equipment left over.  Not to mention that I still have almost two companies of RT era 'beakies' which are seriously wanting to be painted gray.  But those decisions are yet to be made firm...

But wait, there's more!  I made sure to acquire an old Predator tank as well and I'm extremely tempted to build and use this as well.  Ever think GW's model kits have too many pieces?  Check this out-

You may not be able to tell, but there's a ton of parts in there.  Anyone old enough to have built the old Rhinos can tell you how much of a pain they were to build.  Now add more guns...

And to be preemptive before everyone comes up to my table and begins the 'oohs' and 'aahs', this is NOT Forgeworld!  I'm just old, dammit...

As always, Happy Hobbying!