Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cry Havoc and let loose the... just shoot them!

Sorry for the late posts, but I've been diligently working on getting these models painted.  This unit I finished two weeks ago, in GW Cool Springs Village (just outside of Nashville).  Not just as I finished the squad did I get the chance to put them on the table and test them out, and they did not disappoint.

Without further ado:

Top shot, because I'm tall...
A little more 'front-on'.  Big guns, right?
Gotta show off the hand-painted icons.  I know, they're not amazing, but they're hand-painted...

This squad clocks in at a super-cheap 115 points, and has the ability to drop anything less than AV14.  Better yet, with the onset of the flyer-spam so prevalent these days, this squad has proven to be a real menace.  To all the bloggers out there that suggested this build-out when the codex first dropped- THANK YOU!  I was skeptical, but now I'm sold.  Great unit!  And very fluffy, to boot!

Five more down, only 51 more models to go...

Happy hobbying!