Thursday, April 28, 2011

Army List Review

What did I do in the last week for the hobby, you ask?  Well, I did the review of the Grey Knight codex and just had to build myself an army.  Now I have a very small Daemon army (it'll get some love sooner or later, just know that Adepticon '09 (?) was awesome!!!), so I figured I'd build a small force of Daemonhunters to battle it.  Just for some gratuitous viewing pleasure, here's the Grey Knights' enemy force.

That's a Herald of Khorne, 5 Bloodcrushers, 2 units of 16 Deamonettes, and a really powerful Deamon Prince.  This force kicked major butt all over the place!!!

Now without further ado, here's the army list I've come up with. 

1000 points Grey Knight List
HQ- Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with Psybolt Ammo and Psyker upgrade  60 points
Elite-  4 Paladins with Force Halberds and Psybolt Ammo  240 points
Troops-  Terminator Squad with Incinerator, 3 Force Halberds, and 2 Force Swords  205 points 
Troops-  Terminator Squad with Psycannon and Force Halberds  225 points
Heavy Support-  Dreadknight with Heavy Psycannon and Nemesis Greatsword  195 points
** the extra 75 points can be spent on a)Paladin Apothecary upgrade or b)Dreadknight Teleporter.

And because I like showing off pictures, here's one of the Dreadknight in construction:
Here's another of the assembled Dreadknight:
Here's the Paladins for my force.  I just happened to have a few 'Old' Grey Knights left over, so I dug them out.  I also glued alot of slate on the bases to allow the the models to at least stand as tall as the newer metal Grey Knight Terminators.  

And there ya have it!  Let me know what you guys think...


  1. I just don't see the reason to bring paladins when they are still T4. A lance will still kill them dead if they fail their Invul, and 75 pts to give them FNP that they will never use is just a bad idea.

    I would use those pts to get more normal termies.

    But what do I know I play DE lol

  2. that's not a bad point at all, actually. But at 8 wounds vs. 5 for roughly the same points, I felt pretty okay with it. And I totally agree, I was leaning towards the teleporter for the Dreadknight. I just think it'll more useful unless I'm playing orks or something.

  3. I totally like the personal teleporter for the dreadknight even if you are playiong the hoards. I have mine kitted out with the hvy psicannon, hvy incinerator and great sword. So to be able to redeploy after clearing the road for my ground forces sounds good to me.