Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Master of the Deathwing

It was just a couple weeks before Easter and the Emperor sent me to advanced training known as Immersion Course.  It was a major kick-in-the-teeth to get shop managers into the fast-paced skill of major events planning.  Build a few Battle-Bunker-worthy tables, run activities in the shop every day, promote and run a major month-ending event weekend, and, oh yeah, paint an entirely new army!!!

I chose Deathwing, because I are smart.  I had a sweet Dark Angels army which was going to be given away as a raffle-prize soon thereafter.  Plus, who can really pass up an all-Terminator army?  Not this guy, I can tell you that much.

Because I had so little time and I was separated from my ridiculous amount of bitz for a month, I broke down and just bought the stock Terminator Captain.  This model was great for the years after it was released, but the new plastic Terminators are bigger and better-looking.  But even with the ravages of time, I thought this model made a fine stand-in for Captain Belial.

The coolest part of painting this model was doing the checks on the shoulder pads.  This model's heraldry even brought a gushing compliment from a cool customer that came in for our big weekend.  I was very proud.  Unfortunately, this version of Master Belial is retired from the army, having now been replaced with a sweet conversion.  This one is honored as the one that got me to Easter...

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