Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the Horns of Faith

I finally finished the first squad of Chaos Marines and, let me tell you, I had totally forgotten how annoyingly detailed these models were.  All in all, it took me four times as long to paint these as I can usually take on Ultramarines.  But the results are worth it, as Chaos Marines are under-rated as one of the coolest-looking armies in 40k. 

Word Bearers 43rd Company
Kor-Kharsis' raiding host

2nd Battle Squad- "Horns of Faith"

 Aspiring Champion Gortatzki
-armed with Pwr Fist and Plasma Pistol

-squad armed with Plasma Gun and Missle Launcher
Here's a picture with better lighting but worse environment. 

I enjoyed the Icon Bearer

the three most important models in the squad...

Now on to the next squad...

Happy Hobbying!


  1. Very nice! Look forward to the next guys!

  2. Love the Word Bearers. I'm hoping that Dark Apostles are going to be back in the new codex. Also, if cultists are a go, then it seems like you'll be wanting to add those as well.

    As far as the painting, I much ornamental TRIM.