Monday, July 16, 2012

Daemon Prince!!!

I stayed up all night on Wednesday to paint this dood.  I started with the armor, then did the metal, then the bonework, then the flesh.  And here I thought Chaos Marines were a pain to paint...

Word Bearers 43rd Company Coryphaus
Kor-Kharsis Ascendant

Death looks good on you, mortal...

Wings are a total blast to paint, and I was really tired when I finally got to it, but I always think the work is worth it.  [Brought to you by GW's Plastic Dragon Wings]

With flash,
without flash.  It's a no win...

I didn't go too crazy on the Daemon Sword, but it looks suitably old and cool.

Sorry, not a great picture.

Here's what Lord Kharsis looks like to the opponents.  Mean, right?

With flash,

no flash.  Yep, no win.

 This model also happens to finish off my 750-point force for our escalation league.  Yay!!!  Now for the easy stuff like Possessed and Raptors and...  damn you, Chaos.  Why must you be so painful to paint, yet cool looking? 

Happy hobbying!


  1. Wow, he looks awesome! So my son Brady caught a glimpse of this guy and said BOGO(his word for anything 40k related). I say to Brady he looks pretty scary doesn't he?... He's a bad guy, to wich Brady replies, "Guy, guy..." He knows what's up.

    1. Thanx, man! I really like the way he turned out and am glad I actually put more than one layer on it.

      Funny enough, I'm having to tell my nieces and nephews that the dood is a 'bad guy' as well. They kept crowding around and asking about him, so I simply replied that this is the 'baddest guy there is!'. Oh yeah!