Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As we all know, sometimes the paintbrush-bug isn't with us.  So how do we keep the hobby going?  Well, reach deep into the massive pile, grasp some random box, and start building!  I find myself trying to build stuff for the army I'm currently working on (which is Orks right now), but it's not uncommon to fall off and build something else.  In this case, I wanted to build the flyer for my army, having enjoyed quite a good time with the Helldrake and Crimson Hunter (The Valkyrie is old news and the Stormraven & Stormtalon are just more SM vehicles).  So I pulled out the box and got started. 

Look at everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!
The first thing I noticed about the box and bitz was that everything was included in the box.  If I want to build a Dakkajet, or a Blitz-bomma, or a Burna Bomma, everything I needed was there.  This meant that I didn't have to worry about having to convert too much.  Even better, as we'll see with the pictures below, the kit is very modular and that allows for everything to be used if you really really want to.  And Orks typically really really want to...

Here's the coolest part about this model after only two steps- the fuselage!  This is the basis for the entire model and everything else is added to it.  The cockpit is simply 'dropped' into place, and meanwhile there's so much more room inside the body.  I later use this as storage...

So there's the rest of the main parts to make the Dakkajet.  But here's where you start to see my additions:  I glued the Blitz-bomma pods to the inside of the wings.  That's responsible for providing the hardpoint for the big bommz as well as angling the wings upward.  I personally, having a bit of love for the aerospace sciences, think that those wings would provide better maneuverability and reducing stability (needed for bombers), which is all just good Orky common sense!  I also included the entire exhaust manifold piping and the hot-rod hood.  Moving the horizontal stabilizers (the little rear wings) to the mainline body and extending the engine were all little touches that allowed me to completely control the look of the model.  

Putting it all together and I have a plane!!!  Like I mentioned before, the cockpit is dropped right into place, and I didn't glue the rear panel into place.  That is so I can reach the storage compartment and pull out all the...

GUNZ, GUNZ, AND MORE GUNZ!  I made sure to clean up every big shoota or supa-shoota that I could find, build the gun-bubble, and made ready to slap a flyer with five twin-linked guns (and whatever else I build onto it) to the table.  But I don't want my buddies know what I'm using yet. 

Everything is hidden inside the cockpit and I still have all the bombs and missiles ready to be built.  If I want to, I can have five twin-linked shootas of some sort, six missiles, and four bombs of two different types all hanging from this beast.  But I'm not that crazy.  Yet...

This model was an absolute breeze to build and is terribly attractive!  I can't wait to start painting it, but I still have to get the original warband their colours.  In the meantime, GUN IT!

Happy Hobbying!

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