Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You don't need it, so why bring it?

  THAT'S WHY!  An Ork without a massive hydraulic Power Klaw is just an Ork, and Orks don't like to be just Orks.  But then again, I already play one army that doesn't believe in effective tactics (has anyone read about the Word Bearers lately?  Those Lords are IDIOTS!), so maybe I should consider this a bit more.

  I've played against Orks so many times that I'm USED TO them bringing the Klaws.  I'm also used to three dozen Lootas, two dozen Warbikes, and a Rokkit Launcher on every slot it can take.  But I'm not that kind of player- I hate 'spam' (I actually love the food!) and I don't build armies just to be effective on the tabletop (in fact, I consciously avoid that considering my typical opponents).  Unfortunately, a game is never fun if you don't bring the 'good' stuff and actually play once in a while. 

  With Ork Nobz, I find myself compelled to bring the Power Klaw.  After all, I have four attacks on the charge, two wounds to survive with, and it's the only option I have that isn't a Choppa or slightly bigger Choppa.  Being effective at killing Terminators and Land Raiders alike, it seems like a no-brainer.

  But here's the rub- there's this little thing that popped up last edition (and, as with all GW rules, was tried out many moons before that) called Challenges.  It is the simplest way to pull those enemy characters out and punk them (I figured that's an appropriate term with Orks).  And for the Greenskins, it's a rule that completely makes sense.  I have never met a Nob that would turn down a challenge from some baddie out there...

  Until he dies.  That Space Marine sergeant with a Power Sword strikes first with his four attacks, does two unsaveable wounds, and the Power Klaw will never get used.  That Tau Fireblade swings with his four attacks, does one wound, and then somehow manages to evade that swinging Klaw.  Even a normal Assault Marine with a Chainsword has the potential to slice my Nob before any chance of a strike-back!

  Add to this that my favoured and most common opponent is a Chaos Marine player who happens to take some joy in the challenges (what, with turning into Daemon Princes and all...), so my propensity to slap on the Jaws of Death and accept every challenge thrown my way suddenly becomes 
(I stole this image from a blog post about the same subject.  All credit to 'somethingrivetssomething' on this one (sorry, forgot the name of the site) )

  My Nob costs 16 points base (6 for the Boy and 10 more for the upgrade), would have to pay 4 more points for 'eavy armour (which is only a 4+) and THEN have to pay for the rest of the unit he's leading to do the same (so it becomes another 80 points- that's expensive armour!), and then tack on another 25 points for the Power Klaw.  Oh, and 5 points for the Bosspole.  That brings my 'boss-ass Nob of doom!' up to 50 points, or 130 if you consider that the 'eavy armour must be purchased for the rest of the mob!

  Meanwhile, the Space Marine sergeant costs 39 points with a Power Sword, or 49 points with a Power Fist.  What, a fully armoured, fearless, well-equipped boss of another race is cheaper AND more effective!?!?  Gods forbid that model has some spikes on his head and gets to transform into an even bigger pain for free...

So should I bring the Power Klaw?  All I really need the Nob for is the Bosspole (which costs 21 points total, 6 for the Boy, 10 for the Nob, and 5 for the pole).  Without any fancy gear, the Nob has five attacks on the charge at WS 4 and Str 5.  If he survives long enough, he'll certainly hurt someone.  But why would I waste the points of seven more Boyz for no gain?  Because I'z da Orkz and love da Klawz!!!

What do you guys think?  I have enough models, I just need to have this scale tipped a bit to make the decision.  Let me know what your experience is and, as always, Happy Gaming!

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  1. Several things.

    One, yeah, challenges suck for Orks. Without klaw, you get punked. With klaw, you get punked.

    Two, klaws are so handy against so many other things I find it hard to not take them. And, as you mentioned, they're frikkin power klaws! How can you not want to take them?

    Three, Orks just don't stand up to dedicated combat units from other armies. Sad, but true. Nothing saves and low I mean you're frequently taking up handfuls of boys before they can swing. So don't think one klaw will turn your unit into a combat machine.

    So, four - slam more than one klaw into a fight. You really need to double/triple team enemy units to make it work. Sure, they challenge one nob away, and you pound them with the others. Some things can wipe out meganobs, but they'll usually get to swing too, taking some serious enemies out with them.

    Five, consider the extra gift the new book brought - no-slot Meks. Pick up a couple of them, and toss them in with units you expect to throw into combat. Challenge issued, toss the Mek in the way while you klaw the marines down. Sure, only works for one round, but hopefully that's all you'll need.