Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Word is Lord!

 As promised, I would start painting soon.  I had the urge and my crippled left arm wasn't enough to stop me, so here's some work!

I mentioned before that GW seems to be focussed on Dark Angels and Chaos, so I decided to start working on the greatest of all Chaos Legions- the Word Bearers.    I love Terminators, so it only made sense for me to have HQs in that armor, plus Chaos looks good in the big, bulky plate! 

Here's my Warlord:

Some of you are looking at it and saying, "But Jay, they can't have a single Lightning Claw and a Power Axe!"  Yeah, I don't care.  This model looks cool as hell and it sorta gives me some leeway in-game:  I can claim it as a Daemon Weapon OR two Lightning Claws if my opponent is willing.  More than anything, I just thought it looked cool and besides, who knows what the new codex will allow?

Now we know that any Chaos army has Warlords, but what makes the Word Bearers unique?  Simple:  Chaos Chaplains (or Dark Apostales for you nutters out there)!!!  I decided, many moons ago, to convert one up and use him for the sake of uniqueness.  On top of that, you guys know that I'm super pro-fluff, so I was more or less compelled. 

Here's the Dark Chaplain:

Again, I'm sure some of you are staring incredulously at this guy and wondering, "Jay, why would you have TWO Lords in one army?"  Fret not, friends, for this is NOT a Lord.  Since GW saw fit to remove the option of Dark Apostales from my army list (and I wasn't too bent out of shape, but that's a different discussion), I decided to use my Chaplain as a Sorcerer.  Think about this- who would master the power of the warp better than the warrior who preaches it?  Yeah, now you get it.  And yes, that means his Dark Crozius is a Force Weapon...

I have to admit, it felt good to paint.  My injuries didn't slow me down nearly as much as I thought they would and Chaos can be a blast to paint if you're motivated enough to do it.  Let me know what you guys think and expect more from the painting bench on this side. 

Happy Hobbying!


  1. I have to say these look really good Jay. Maybe I should try to paint with one hand tied behind my back. ;) I like the dark Chaplain more then the lord though. To me the Lord looks too much like Abadon.

    1. Fair enough! And to be honest, I thought the Abaddon-look was certainly there as well. But I dig it, so I can't complain! :-)
      Thanx for the compliment! Hopefully I'll get more done while I'm still feeling the motivation. LOL!

  2. I love them. The lord in particular looks as if he stepped off the cover of the new Chaos Codex or something... awesome.

    Half the things I make don't "happen" in the rules- and it doesn't matter if:

    a) tell your opponent in advance what he has (counts as)
    b) that you enjoyed making a killer-looking model

    I am doing Dark Eldar, but I have the urge to go back to Chaos in the worst way! Must wait... until... new Codex... comes out...

    Seriously, great work there!