Monday, April 23, 2012

Whiners should be turned into Spawn!

It has been years since GW put out the latest version of the Chaos Space Marine codex.  It replaced one of the most broken army books ever written, but that hasn't stopped the skads of haters over the years. 

I have been playing this awesome game since Clinton was President of this country, and I've had the honor of seeing EVERY army get their love over and over.  Add to that my time in the Emperor's service and I can tell you that my own Power Armor has taken every kind of shot the less-controlled gamers out there can throw.  One of the many has been the incessant whining about the CSM book.

In second edition, the game saw a great Chaos codex- thicker than any other and packed full of great artwork and fluff!  Then, the much-ridiculed third edition was released and the Chaos Marines were given their 'pamphlet', just like everyone else.  Unlike everyone else, however, this pamphlet/codex worked for Chaos.  The Ultramarines were terrible, the Eldar were useless, and the Orks didn't even know they were an army for the longest time.  But all this came as hindsight and, eventually, GW produced addendum codices and Chapter-approved articles which helped flesh the armies out.  For Chaos Marines, this equalled ridiculous 'up-gunning' in the form of Legion rules.  Oh how frustrated I was, as a Word Bearers player, that the background and army-themes changed to better fit the models.  But alas, it was cool and really allowed the CSM to exhibit that customary theme they so desparately craved.

Then came the days.  GW released 4th edition and the greatest of all Chaos codices.  This book was packed full of options- so much so that tournament-organizers such as myself had to judge those army lists separate from the rest of the pack just to dedicate the necessary time to check everything!  Daemon Princes were broken, Bloodletters were beyond broken (even at 28 points or whatever they were at that time), and the Legion rules found in the back of the book were redonkulously broken.  This book was so powerful that tournaments in the entire tri-state area I was in were dominated by the Chaos ilk.  This book was stupidly good, but at least it was fun and could be beaten.

Now is the days of 'woe-is-me' from all those Chaos players.  No longer do Legion rules exist.  No longer do Chaos Marines 'pop out' Bloodletters with little the enemy can do other than die.  No longer does the Chaos player simply need to show up to almost always win. 

You see, GW released the newest book just before 5th edition was revealed.  The codex showed a distinct format of 'simple and good'.  No longer was there supposed to be an entire science to understanding the army-building, but instead focussed on the playing IN the battle itself.  It wasn't the only book to get this format, either.  Check out the Dark Angels and Eldar books.

So let's talk about what the gripes people have brought to me are and how I answer all those:

My army sucks because I'm a moron!!!
  • The units aren't as good anymore!  Apparently, Berserkers being WS5 and with Furious charge (while rockin' 4 attacks on the charge) doesn't make up for the lack of 'choppas'.  Apparently, Raptors are useless even though they're nothing but special-weapon-wielding Assault Marines for only 20 points, which was cheap before normal Space Marines dropped in cost.  Apparently, Daemon Princes aren't as good as Lords, despite being waaaay cheaper AND with better stats!  See a theme here yet?
  • Chaos Marines are no good compared to everything else!  Yeah, because being cheaper than loyalists, with a higher Leadership (making up for not having ATSKNF) and being armed with bolters AND close combat gear is terrible, right?  Second only to Grey Hunters, they are the most versatile troops in the game!
  • There's no options in this book anymore!  Let's see, of all the options in the 4th edition version of the army, players took the same things that are now listed in the 5th edition codex.  In other words, GW did little more than remove the overpowered 'daemonic gifts' and leave the common options in the book.  Did I mention this was the new format when that codex was released?  Also, every single unit in the book has tons of options as it is.  Did Lords lose their Daemonc Mounts?  Nope.  Did Terminators lose any weapon upgrades?  Nope.  In fact, they gained Lightning Claws!  For cheap!!!  Again, most common options, in.  Stupid overpowered Daemonic crap, out.  Easy.
  • They can't take real Daemons anymore!  Of all the daemons that Chaos could take, it was Bloodletters or Plaguebearers that were seen on the battlefield.  I must admit that the 'summoning' rules mixed with Daemon Banners and holding Bloodletters were so broken that it frustrated the hell outta me (see the pun I did there?).  That being said, GW wanted to make an all-Daemon army, and they could only do that if CSM no longer used them.  Who would use all Daemons when they don't have armour, transports, or heavy weapons if the CSM book gave you all those PLUS the warp-spawns?!  In addition, there is a great reason from a 'fluff' standpoint- When the Chaos Gods look to send help to their forces in the Material Realm, they'll send their best to help the poor Cultists and they'll send their average to help their nigh-unstoppable Renegade Marines.  What help do the Legions need?  Not much...

  • Finally, the most important and common complaint of all- I can no longer do my themed list anymore!!!  Man, it must suck to not be able to use Khorne Berserkers and Bikers to back up that Khorne Lord...  Oh wait, you can!  Seeing as Cult Troops are still troops, this isn't an issue.  What's really missing is the bonus to summoning for 'sacred numbered' squads.  Well, waaaaaah!  The ability to still represent a chosen Chaos God or a basic Legion is still there.  If anyone should be angry, it's me!  I play Word Bearers.  First, we lost our cultists to the damned Alpha Legion, but we gained Daemons and Dark Chaplains.  Then we lost all of it.  If any armies suffer from this sudden 'lack of theme', they're the Undivided Armies- Word Bearers and Alpha Legion!  Black Legion, Night Lords, and Iron Warriors lost little or nothing at all.
At the end of the day, I get so tired of the cry-babies.  I have been an avid Ultramarine player for years and always pooped on, yet I didn't start whining until this year.  And that whining was in response to Chaos players whining about their book.  I like theme.  I like specific Legions/Chapters being awesome at what they do.  But I'm also a lover of the game for the story, not the rules.  And until my Ultramarines become something other than the worst Chapter in their own book, and my Word Bearers become something other than red Black Legion, I'm gonna tell all the whiners out there this:

Anyone who continues to whine about this deserves the final fate of all failed champions-  Spawn-hood!!!


  1. I was sorry to see the theme CSM armies take a back-seat, but the streamlining made up for it, not just for ease of army building but for actual time saved while playing the army on the tabletop.

  2. I'm already a Chaos Spawn, I blame it on warp tainted paint water.

  3. I am not going to lie I complained. And I stand by my complaints there were units in the army that were over powered, but lets be real there is always a unit that when a player has the intent to make it nasty, they can. I was upset at the loss of demons, the World Eaters have used demons since the Slaves to Darkness book. I looked. Sure make the non chaos players happy weaken the demons, but let them retain their mark. Weaken demon princes but let me keep the summoned Bloodthrister, hell even the fluff for the Grey Knights mention Angron with a Bloodthrister retinue. BUt I can not begin to tell you the number of times my bezerkers raging in the other direction. My point is this I still love the codex, but the 5th addition is in no way the ugly duckling.

  4. Yeah, I had a bunch of stuff on my blog about it. the current codex is a pretty usable book for making pretty good army lists. You can do themes, you can take all kinds of nifty Chaos only options (havoc launchers are fantastic, IMO) and you have 3+ power armor and one of the best heavy infantry units in the game in Obliterators. I have some irks, Thousand Sons requiring an almost HQ points level sorcerer (adding on a psychic power) and well, Spawn are what they are. But Raptors, Possessed, and Dreadnoughts all get overlooked. Why? Tournament players don't like randomness. The old book let you pick everything, while the lore was better, the rules were a mess. I'm hoping they really pull out the stops with Chaos in the next edition, giving the Grey Knights something to choke on.

  5. My only rant was how the flavor (IMO) was taken out. For example they took away chaos hounds so the giant Nurgle rats I used with my Nurgle Chaos Lord sat on the shelf. The Cultists I made for my Alpha Legion again left on the shelf. Oh and the 3 Basilisks for my Iron Warrior again on the shelf.
    For the most part CSMs CAN still create a deadly army. I can't seem to win against Nyds, but mostly likely that is my fault in army construction. But the fun little (or big) units I would put in were taken away from me. And that just plain stinks. I play 40K for 2 reasons. Cause I like the game but also for the story one can put into his army in the way of unique (not specialized killers) units. That's my 2 cents.

    Thank you and Good Gaming
    Steven "Demo" Rohde
    Owner and Head Artist of Demo's Laser-Cut Designs LLC.

  6. I'm sorry, but without daemonic gifts and daemons worth summoning this book just feels like a space marine codex. Ok, so the last book was too powerful and it was too complex but the solution was FAR worse then the problem. I'm happy to be playing an evil band of space marines but I can't feel like a lord of chaos when all of a sudden everything that made chaos, chaos is gone!

  7. Hi. I found no info how I could contact you otherwise so I'll just leave a comment here hoping that you may read and reply.

    I would like to know how you painted your Word Bearers. I use them myself (although my collection is fairly small) but I'm not that satisfied with how my red and metal turns out.

    To give you a reference how my models look so far:

    1. Anonymous, your models are amazing! I had to do a double-take as I though I was looking at my own dudes for a second there. Great work so far!

      As I painted mine, here's the steps I took:
      1. Prime models black
      2. Heavily drybrush with Dark Flesh
      3. Drybrush again with Mechrite red, followed by highlighting with the Mechrite to 'clean up' the impoortant parts.
      4. Line highlight with Blood Red
      5. Base all metal with boltgun metal
      6. Wash metal (and a bit of overwash for the trim to establish 'borders' in area) with watered down black ink
      7. Line highlight with mithril silver
      8. Add details

      I will do a blog Hobby Skills blog when I finally get to the troops, to include lots of pictures. That being said, I like yours alot! Spread the truth and worship the Word!!!

    2. Thx for the reply, I'll try this once I have finished my chaos spawns.