Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working towards Chaos

Most of my readers probably think I don't do anything with my hobby and I do little more than rant.  To be fair, this is mostly true these days.  If you don't know, I was in a terrible accident a few months back and I no longer have control of one of my arms, making hobbying pretty difficult. 

That being said, I have been working on my models slowly now for a few weeks.  What better to rebuild use of my arm than doing something I can't fail at?  After all the years, my muscle-memory for this hobby is such that you can put a model and a paintbrush in my hand while I nap and you can bet that I'll wake up with a fully painted model.  :-)

So without further ado, let me prove to you what I've been working on...

As everyone believes, GW will be releasing the 6th edition of 40k later this year, and rumour has it that the forces in the starter box will be Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines.  Luckily for me, I happen to have both armies!  Now, I must admit that my Dark Angels army is limitted to Deathwing currently, as I gave my 'green' army away in a shop raffle many years ago.  Emperor knows I have enough unbuilt Marines and such to build a new army when the time comes.  (Don't believe me?  Check out 'the Workshop' to see my inventory levels.)  As far as Chaos, I started building a Word Bearers army many, many years ago, then I gave it away, then I restarted it and never finished.  Now I get to work on them again...

Here's some pics of what I've built in the last couple of weeks: 

6 Raptors built from Marine bits and Possessed stuff.  After all, aren't Word Bearers happy to be half Daemon?

8 Marines built just because I had the bitz.  See what keeping leftovers can do for ya?

A Spawn with 5 heads.  This is to remind my Warlord what will happen if he fails...

But wait, there's MORE!

I found this Rhino in my bitz box, so it had to be built...
Unfortunately, I was short two track bitz.  Rather than get upset, I used these plates as mudflaps to cover the gap.  Oh how a little creativity can not only solve problems but also come out sweet-lookin'!

So what does my collection look like so far?  Like this:

Remember how I build to a full Force Org chart?  Here's much more to meet that goal:
That's another Defiler, 3 Obliterators, a Sorcerer and bitz to build a Thousand Sons squad, and a boatload of Lesser Daemons (including the Daemon Prince if thee warlord proves his mettle!)

Now everyone knows that I'm no longer a competetive player and I build to the 'fluff'.  To show you how crazy I am about this, check out this example of my insanity:
That's right- Drummers for CSM!  Word Bearers are known for their musical chanting as they stomp towards the enemy...

And there you have it!  I am going to finish building and begin painting very soon.  And when that happens, not only will I be ready for the new 6th ed, but there will be...

Now get back to your workbenches and Happy Hobbying!


  1. Nice work once again sir. I'm eager to see how they turn out.

  2. With a host like that you can bring enlightenment to glaxy, for the Dark Gods! FOR CHAOS!

  3. I saw a rumor that they maybe releasing a codex for the legions. May jsut be time to blow the dust off the WORLDEATERS, glory be to KHORNE!!! Good to see you are feeling well enough to model and game. :)

  4. I am hoping that the new Chaos Codex is fearsome and evil, living up to the Chaos Legions' reputations. I have a huge Plague Marine army, so I don't know how much more I'd need to get. However, I have been tempted by the gods from time to time

    I wish you luck on your Word Bearers- they're looking good so far! (Love that Spawn)

  5. Nice work dude. It would be nice to see more hobbyists and fluff fanatics to balance out the number of WAAC armies that seem to proliferate the hobby these days. Personally this is the kind of wargaming that made me love the hobby, diss the goobers and the guys with hour long recitations of thier armies glorious history if you want, but they are a big part of what makes this shit fun.