Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Empire's gonna strike back!

That's right, I picked up the Decimator recently!  The Empire has a sad knack for underpowered fighters and depend on more swarm tactics than anything with real punch (although there are a number of things you can put together, if you can just let go of the TIE Fighter...).  It's that time!

Now I'm not saying that the Empire sucks in this game.  I've definitely lost more than my fair share of the occasional battle.  But that has much less to do with the squadron and more to do with my poor dice skills (something I'm known for nation-wide).  I love to use the Defender, am a big fan of the Bomber/Shuttle combo (seriously, that combo is vicious!), and am hopelessly obsessed with Interceptors.  But I wanted something that screamed 'Empire'...

 Enter the 12 Hull and Shields!!!  That's right, the Rebels get their little log hideouts, but the Empire owns the galaxy!  And this is just a fighter.  :-)  With the typical good firepower of '3' and the deplorable agility of '0', this ship isn't going to single-handedly annihilate the Rebel fighters.  But it can run them over, take advantage of great weapon options (turrets for the Empire?  Finally!), and generally be a pain to move around.  Here's the best part--

This thing is maneuverable!  Without a single red option, a '4 straight', and 'hard 2's and 3's', this fighter can get anywhere I need it to go.  Minus, of course, the fact that she's HUGE! 

I still haven't used this baby, but I plan to in the next game my buddy and I play.  He has to use his YT-2400, so we can have a little fun with the 'new' stuff.  Let me know what y'all have seen or experienced from this Rebel-busting monster.  As always, Happy Gaming!

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  1. I love interceptors. I know they aren't the greatest, but I just love the ships and playing them. Please report how the decimator does!