Thursday, March 12, 2015

Painting Orks da fast way...

Everyone knows that I have some painting skills, but I don't focus on characters anymore.  As much fun as they are to paint, I've been conditioned to paint armies quickly.  Well, I've learned a secret over the years.  If I paint the quick 'base and wash' style now, I can always go back and add layers and highlights to take the army from 'tabletop' standard to 'case' standard.

Well, you're not getting 'case' standard today.  I'm working to get the core of my Ork army painted quickly, using it as an excuse to teach my son how to hobby (I gotta be a daddy once in a while, it seems).  Moral of the story- this is the POOR MAN'S VERSION OF PAINTING ORKS.  You will NOT win a Golden Daemon with this set.  But when it's all done, I'll get to go back and add that stuff.  More articles?  Of course!

Let's get started on getting started:

After building the models and gluing sand on their bases, prime the models Black.  I use Citadel, while some other buddies use other stuff.  Black makes it all better....

Step 1. Basecoat the pants and backpacks with XV-88

To prove that I actually DID paint this.  Trust me, it's really hard to hold a phone and a paintbrush at the same time...
More importantly, you'll notice that it's a Standard Brush.  That's the only size brush I used for this set.

Step 2.  Basecoat shirts with Tausept Ochre (or whatever it's called now).  
Notice the complete lack of regard for any of the other areas of the model as I'm painting.  By this point, the only reason I care where the paintbrush goes is to not get colour on something I've already painted.  If I get yellow on the gun, who cares?  If I get brown on the armour plate, again, who cares?  I'm just trying to get paint on the models and I still have many more colours to go, so I shouldn't waste time trying to be too careful.  That's the greatest lesson that I teach anyone when it comes to painting lessons- care less!  I know it's hard, but enjoy it for the first few stages at least...

Step 3.  Basecoat all flesh with Gretchin Green (or whatever colour you use now).
You might want to start being a little careful now.

They look so GOOD with green!  I guess that's why deyz greenskins!
Also note that I use a darker green on my Nobz- in this case, Knarloc Green.

Step 4.  Basecoat all belts, straps, and boots with Adeptus Battlegray (or some other dark gray)

From here, my technique for my Ork army is actually a little different.  Unfortunately for you guys, I'm going to save that and selfishly use it as the subject of another post.  To continue this article, I'm going to use the 'easier' method that everyone knows.
Step 5. Basecoat all metal bits, such as weapons, helmets, and armour plates on back and belt and belly and..., Ironbreaker.
What!?  Did Jay just use a modern colour?  Wow!!!

Step 6.  Paint all fur and hair with Charadon granite (or another super-dark brown).

Step 7.  And this one is really important- paint all teef and skulls Dheneb Stone (or whatever bone colour there is now).
The final step (that's right, a while Ork mob in only 8 steps!) is the coup-de-grace of GW's painting system and the lazy-man's technique.  I have already done posts about the wonders of this very product and still swear by it (even using it sparingly on Infinity models- all painted like characters!)-

Step 8.  Um, heavily wash the models with Agrax Earthshade (there's that modern colour again!).
It's the Wash of Doom.  Like, heavy wash.  Maybe twice or thrice.  I'm thinking about doing it again...

And the finished product looks a little something like this:

Not bad for a couple of nights' work, right?  21 models, painted efficiently and quickly. And there's still plenty of room for improvement later!  Let me know what you guys think and what you're working on these days.

Happy Hobbying!

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  1. They look great bra, but they are missing one thing. Blood on their weapons.....blood that I am willing to provide them dude. We need to game bro! - Bud.