Friday, January 18, 2013

It's been awhile

Sorry for the less-frequent posts, but my work schedule and real-life problems have taken priority over my hobby.  In fact, last week I was unable to go to the comic shop and see my game club because my back decided not to work.  In bed I lay until nearly 4:00 that afternoon.  I checked Facebook when I finally hobbled to the computer and watched a video battle report someone had posted.  It made me want to play.

And that's when I realized it.
It had been awhile since I hobbied.

I suddenly wanted to build some models and I suddenly wanted to roll some dice and I suddenly wanted to talk 'armies' with someone.  I had built a few things a couple of weeks ago (the Heldrake I'll soon be posting about, and more Terminators) and started to work on some more this week (the Cultists are finally getting a chance).  But I wanted to play.  

And this is why I have to apologize for my lack of commitment to my blog recently.  I forgot how good it felt to just play a damned game (and maybe come close to winning once in a while).  After all, isn't that how we all got started in this hobby?  So here's what I'm going to do:

I promised my game group at the comic shop that I'd start a Planetary Empires campaign (and maybe even Crusade of Fire it up) and that I'd be bringing in an army they haven't played before.  I got tired of seeing Space Marines and Tau, so now I'm gonna rock the ancient Eldar.  Better yet, one of my guys challenged me to a 2,000 point game.  Oh yes.  It is on.  

And, with that, I'm excited.  Two Black Legion players, 2 Tau players, a Necron player, a Space Marine/Imperial Guard player, and me.  I'm really, really excited.  

Prepare to see more on the blog.  I'm not promising any greater frequency of posts or necessarily better ones.  But I need to bring my gaming hobby to the fore for a moment.  Battle reports, other player's armies, more hobby articles, oh yes...  the ideas...

I just wanted to check in, apologize, and entice y'all to stay tuned.  So, um...  stay tuned...

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