Sunday, August 12, 2012

Damn that ninja goldfish!

I had built and started some more models for my Dark Angels and Word Bearers at the beginning of the week, but ran out of black primer.  All week I've sat and distracted myself until this weekend, when I could refill and get back to work.  So today started with a plan...

My brother wanted me to bring over the game stuff and play at his house.  I, being the dozy fella I've been for the last week now, decided that we could hobby some instead.  Plus I could show him the side of the 40k world that didn't involve him beating me in yet another game.  LOL!  So I drag out some daemons for him to build and I bring those models I mentioned before to get painted.  I grab him up, we run to my LGS only to find that they're out of black primer.  "NO WORRIES!" I proclaim as we load up and head over to my local comic shop which happens to carry GW as well (plus they're really cool there, very inviting and friendly).  I stroll in thinking I'm gonna get black primer only to find that they were out as well.  But wait, there's more.

Before me and my bro had begun this sojourn around town, we had stopped back at Jay's Workshop (trademark, and don't call it my garage!) to try to find a missing sprue from the Bloodletter box.  Despite my owning WAAAAAY too much, and knowing that I had daemons in that massive stash, the head sprue was simply gone.  I mean, yeah, building Bloodletters without heads is rather dumb.  Now I'm angry, but that's okay because I'll have black primer soon and I can paint the other stuff.

Fastfoward an hour now and here we are standing in the comic shop.  I'm fuming at this misfortune, while my brother is inspecting every box on the shelf (I told you, he's excited.  Jay happy!).  Before I know it, I'm buying a box of Bloodletters and deciding that a Daemon army really is in order.  Oh, and I already bought my comics for the week, so don't ask.  That'll be a section soon enough...  :-)

Now I still don't have black primer (I know I've used that term a dozen times in four paragraphs already- sorry for the repeated iteration), but we went back to the house and began rummaging through what I brought.  He built his very first ever models and now has the mission of getting the rest of the box built through the week (he's a soldier, time is NOT on his side, people!).  Meanwhile, I built the second unit of Raptors for the Word Bearers and then made my brother happy by slapping together a Bloodthirster.

Wait, I built a Bloodthirster?!?!  What the heck is wrong with me!?

RT-era jump packs, RT-era Termie LCs, and regular CSM.  Simple, old, and good!

Yep, my attention on Dark Angels and Word Bearers disappeared completely and was [forcibly] replaced by that damned goldfish- the ADD version of Jay the Hobby Addict!  And it was sneaky this time.  I'm a very deliberate, planned, focussed person and BLAM! I was blindsided into assembling my greatest of enemies.  Emperor knows my brother is more than happy to see the new toy he'll be using before too long.  But man, I, well, uh, yeah...  today got me good.  Well played ninja goldfish, well played...

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