Friday, August 17, 2012

Called it!

I'm sure you all remember the months of rumours stating that the new starter kit was going to be Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines.

I'm sure most of you remember those months of rumours that said what the contents should be. 

I'm sure a few of you may have even seen pics of the new stuff as the 'leak' corps. did its job.

Here's the best pictures to date that I've seen, and it appears that all the rumours are pretty damned true:

sneak leak of pics...

The best part is this...

I chose to build and paint Word Bearers and Dark Angels so I could BEAT the new kit!  I called the contents (although I believe the Chaos is more 'generic', but still red!) and decided these armies were the way to drive the bandwagon, rather than ride it. 

I'm ahead of the curve, and I'm not in uniform and so required to!  WINNING!

But then, we're all winning if this is the what GW is putting out for 'beginner' models.  Those sculptors and machinists have Tiger Blood in the veins...

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  1. Here's even more pics on a buddy's sight:

    Includes full pics of the cultists!