Friday, June 24, 2011

2011, A Unit a week

Makeup for Week 16:

Codicier Librarian

Blood Angels, currently attached to 5th Company

First, this is one of the oldest models I own.  I found it deep in one of my bitz-chests and added a Death Company jetpack and the entire left arm setup from the same box.  Even with the age and lack of 'motion' in the model, I think it looks great nonetheless.

Second, I shall now, at this time, nickname him 'Shorty'.  Because he's an old model, even the short Tactical Marines now stand taller than him.  I imagine that he was a very short before he recieved the genetic enhancements, and only grew to be normal-sized.  Of course, call him that to his face and he'll melt your brain inside your skull...

Happy hobbying!

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