Friday, June 24, 2011

2011, A Unit a week

Catchup for week 15:

There's a few pictures coming up, and the pics don't do the models justice.  As always, I promise they look WAAAY better in real life, in good lighting, or in pictures taken by a skilled person.  :-)

1st Company "Vanguard" Assault Squad

Blood Angels

Here's each of the individual models in the squad (mostly to make up for the poopy quality of the second pic).  I have to tell y'all, these models were absolutely fantastic to paint.  Yes, they were the old metal ones.  I enjoyed, even trying to cheat and get them done quickly (one day, baby!), painting them.  GW did a great job creating very dynamic poses and adding an appropriate amount of detail so the models were interesting to look at; not too much and not too little.

Finally, I suggest trying to lay one's hands on this model.  It was the 'Direct Only' Blood Angel Vanguard Sergeant.  I use it as a normal veteran with a power weapon (instead of Glaive Encarmine) and add him in.  He's not very consistent with the rest of the unit, but he's a beautiful model nonetheless. 

Happy Hobbying!