Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fire and Wings, Metal and Death

It is now and finally time to show off my Blood Angels.  It is important to note that I actually painted the vast majority of the army waaaaaay back in May of '10, and finally based the models last week.  In between that time, I've moved, quit the hobby, gotten back into it, worked on other armies, and any number of other excuses. 


I just needed to have this model in the army.  He's the avenging angel of the chapter and some legends say that he's not even a real being.  Being a follower of the greatest myths of the chapter, I believe he is Askaellon, First Master of the Blood Angels and leader of the Sanguinary Guard.  For that to be true, that would make the Sanguinor 10 millenia old!
The Sanguinor    275 pts

For all the years that I've actually been rolling dice and moving space marines around the tables, this guy has been there.  He's the oldest living space marine in the galaxy, and commands some of the mightiest forces in the Imperium.  Although his skills aren't as powerful as some of the other warriors of his rank, Dante's tactical brilliance and raw combat prowess is known far and wide.  Beyond that, he commands the Sanguinary Guard nowadays and gives the battle companies a massive enhancement when they come to battle.
Lord Commander Dante     225 pts


All Blood Angel armies are accompanies by the Sanguinary Priest, a sect of warriors charged with the well-being of the chapter.  They oversee the physical health as well as the spiritual purity of the battle-brothers in times of need, but their most important function is to retrieve the gene-seed from fallen warriors.  Without this sacred task, the chapter would have failed millenia ago and would be little more than an old myth.
Sanguinary Priest w/ power weapon and jump pack     90 pts


The Sanguinary Guard are the reason that I overcame my hatred of Blood Angels.  When GW released these models and I had the glory of laying hands on them early, my mind was changed.  I still hate Blood Angels, mind you, but these guys are the 'thing' that puts this army over the line on coolness.  I mean, as awesome as Ultramarines are, do they have any angels with big blades?  Nope.  Therefore, I had to include this unit.  I hope to have at least one more soon, but that requires money...
Sanguinary Guard w/ Chapter Banner, death masks, power fist, and inferno pistol     275 pts

Every Battle Company in a space marine army is organized the same, according to the Codex Astartes.  They include 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, and 2 Devastator Squads.  Most Blood Angel armies more readily deploy their assault squads than any other.  This is a matter of training as well as benefitting from the chapter's strengths.  No matter the mission, however, tactical squads are always present and always mounted in their fast transports to keep up with the assault squads.
Tactical Squad w/ flamer and multi-melta     170 pts
Rhino w/ overcharged engines and extra armor     65 pts

Assault Squad w/ flamer, meltagun, power weapon, and plasma pistol     235 pts

Assault Squad w/ flamer, meltagun, and thunderhammer     235 pts

Fast Attack

These are the trademard Blood Angels battle tanks.  Eschewing anti-tank firepower to shred infantry better, the Baal Predator is a fearsome beast.  I armed mine with Flamestorm cannons and lots of dakka, hoping to take advantage of the 'outflanking' ability of the vehicles.  Being especially vulnerable to heavy weapons squads, my army needed to be able to flush out units in cover.  Go go gadget Baal!
Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm cannon, heavy bolter sponsons, and storm bolter     155 pts

Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm cannon, heavy bolter sponsons, and storm bolter     155 pts

Heavy Support

With the vast majority of my points put into HQ and assault units, I only had a few points left.  Looking around, I noticed that the Destructor is actually very cheap and, with the Blood Angels' overcharged engines, was very effective at laying down dakka.  So far, I haven't been disappointed in it, but my predator hasn't really been tested either...
Predator w/ autocannon turret, heavy bolter sponsons, and storm bolter     110 pts

And finally, put it all together and it comes out to a smooth 1990 pts.  In the few games that I've played, I've drawn almost all of them.  But I also must admit that I've used Grey Knight Terminators instead of the Sanguinor, which worked out pretty well.  But I play the game for coolness and fluff, and I changed over to the Sanguinor as soon as he was painted.

It is also important to note that the bases aren't fancy and the squads lack any sort of markings.  This is because a)I'm lazy and b)I'm waiting on a tournament.  Turns out, as of last night, my LGS is running a tournament in two weeks, which means I'll have to add that stuff to the army and y'all will get to see how I do it on this here blog.  Stay tuned for that in the future...

Happy Gaming!

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  1. With a title like Fire and Wings I was hoping for a post of Buffalo Wild Wing! Nice looking army though.