Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Goldfish struck again

Ooh, look, a goldfish!

Now, we all know about the loveable goldfish, right?  He's small, he's dumb, and he's easily amused.  He swims around his little bowl and loves the castle, almost like it's new every single time he sees it.  He forgets about the last time he saw the castle, or even that he saw a castle before...

Ooh, look, a castle!

The reason I bring him up is because of a pattern I've noticed in myself.  Anytime I am working on a new army or a cool hobby project, it takes very little to distract and forget it.  Most often, this is caused by a new release or a great army someone showed off.  Always it results in my current projects being dropped for new ones.  Too frequently it resulted in half-finished armies never to be touched again.

Ooh, look, another castle!

And so it is that, even in my 'sorta-retired-from-the-hobby' state, the Goldfish Syndrome struck me again.  I've been working on my Ultramarines, and then the Blood Angels dragged me away.  I just got started on my expansion when my Cygnar warband needed some consideration (I even almost bought a heavy 'jack last night).  I refocussed back on my Blood Angels only to get distracted by Flames of War and that cursed WWII kick.  And just when I have my army 7 bases from being finished, my Warriors of Chaos have stolen my attention suddenly. 

Okay, maybe the Goldfish struck a long time ago and I just didn't notice, but I finally figured it out. 

Ooh, look, another castle!

So what should I do?  Should I jump back to my Ultramarines, all the way back at the beginning?  After all, there is alot of them and I want to have them done in only 20 months.  What should I do?
Should I jump back to my Blood Angels?  I still have a whole ton of Death Company on top of the expansion.  Should I just get them done?
What should I do?  Should I start painting my FoW infantry so I have every possible thing that I own finished and I don't have to worry about that game anymore?
sorry, I couldn't resist.  Also, Mellow's better, dammit!

I think I'm just gonna keep going.  My Ultramarines will strike my fancy again, my Blood Angels are playable, and my FoW isn't that important (and War Machine doesn't even rank right now).  But I AM excited about my Warriors of Chaos again.  I'm sure that in only a couple of weeks, I'll think I was crazy and move onto another army, or maybe even backwards to one on the list above.

Ooh, look, another castle, again!

And when that happens, I'm sure I won't notice until I've repeated the process a half-dozen times.  Hopefully in that time I'll actually finish something...  Damn that Goldfish Syndrome.

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  1. I can totally relate. I'm much better than I used to be - for some reason it's easier for me to focus on one army and see the big picture now that I have a massive army that is nearly 100% painted. Makes it easier to keep plugging away knowing (and seeing) the end result.

    That, and I haven't bought any new models in a while. That might change this weekend!