Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Army List Review

This'll be a first for the 'ol Workshop.  Today, I'm going to post my an army list and ask for y'all's feedback.  Over the last week (since I've posted about my Chaos and started that whole process) I've written and rewritten my army list a thousand times.  Last night, around 4:30 in the morning, I finally stumbled upon a list I think I'm happy with.

There are a couple of things that I gotta throw out there first, so I don't get alot of feedback that I can't use.  Here were my 'principles' when writing this list:
  • I have a ton of warriors, knights, and marauders.  I have zero trolls, ogres, dragon-ogres, and only a couple of spawn.  I DO have a giant and a shaggoth, which both also rule.
  • I wanted to include more than three units (my last list was awesome, but only had three units and a war machine.  That's just not enough doods.)
  • I wanted to include Valkia the Bloody.  She's awesome.

At first, I wanted to use all models with a Mark of Khorne.  Unfortunately, that's too many points and severely reduces my model count.  I don't like any of the other gods enough to spend too many points on, so I finally settled on a non-marked army.  That being said, the obvious worship of Khorne is there.  If only because I said so.  Take that!

So finally, here's the army list:

2502 Warriors of Chaos

Lord  (16.4%)
-Valkia the Bloody  410 pts

Hero  (12%)
-Level 2 Sorcerer with mark of Nurgle and dispel scroll  165 pts
-Level 2 Sorcerer with scroll of shielding  135 pts

Core  (26%)
-18 warriors w/shields, full command, and banner of rage  353 pts
-24 marauders w/shields, light armor, and full command  164 pts
-18 marauders w/shields, light armor, and full command  140 pts

Special  (24%)
-10 chosen with great weapons, full command, helm of many eyes, and war banner  300 pts
-10 chosen with add'l hand weapons, full command, favour of the gods, and banner of wrath  290 pts

Rare  (22%)
-Dragon Ogre Shaggoth with great weapon  285 pts
-Hellcannon  205 pts
-Spawn  55 pts

Let me know what you guys think.


  1. You need to stop being so anal about running a mono-khorne :) army!
    18 warriors w/ MoT, halberds and banner of rage make a good anvil and/or anvil unit.
    Take 1 unit of chosen w/ MoK and halberds. 12 should do it. Give the favor to the unit champ.
    A BIG block of marauders.... 40+ w/MoK and great weapons. Screw the armor but DO give them a full command as you will want to add Festus to this unit. (5+ regen is awesome!)
    Really, Jay, a lvl 4 shadow lord is almost a must give him the charmed shield and the infernal puppy, too.
    For yer BSB there's a couple different ways to go- Doom Totem so when you hit em with yer hellcannon all hell really breaks loose (works great against everybody really but especially O&G's Skaven and everybody else with Ld 8 or less.
    Marauder horsemen 8-10 of these guys w/ flails axes a musician and MoS. Annoying as all get out and great for keeping war machines/gunlines and individual characters fits.
    Maybe some hounds for the same reason.

    Minimum 8 Knights of khorne w/ ranger standard or blasted standard or 7 because you might be able to add an aspiring to this unit - shield and Sword of strife for this lad and MoK. Also Stream of Corruption.
    Think about adding a warshrine altho I don't use one too often, with your chosen and knights, there is a chance there for some awesome eotg rolls.
    I'm still thinkin' on it, but these are all viable builds for a very competitive army.

  2. Those Chosen units are way too small to be effective in 8th ed. I'd combine them into one larger unit of 20 w/ Great Weapons so that Favour of the Gods can give them all a better Eye roll.

    I'm also not too keen on the individual Spawn.

    I think more vital unit(s) to include are Marauder Horsemen. With their 8th Ed. 'Vanguard' move they'll be able to get into good position first turn to harass enemy war machines with throwing axes and to charge on turn 2.

    Without some sort of fast threat to warmachines, cannons are going to wreak havoc on Valkia, the Dragon Ogre and the rest of the army.

  3. Now keep in mind I have only briefly read through the 8th ed rules so take this for what it is. But the Warriors if frenzied they can not benefit for the 6+ ward save for shield so no point if you want a brick then take away the banner with leadership 8 or higher if Valkia is around then they will most likely not break, especially with her reroll. If you want a hammer then drop the sheild for halberds, or me personally like to see fear in my opponents eyes as I start counting out 37 attacks for 2 hand weapons and frenzy, bhaahh thats right probably hitting on 3s and wounding on 3 or 4s. I am also not a fan of chosen, but that is just me you can do a lot of the same things with warriors. If you have Valkia you have to have a Warshrine otherwise what the hell is the point, you know damnit all two is even better, maybe captured tzeentch ones (3+ ward for the win). you know you have the bits to build them. I love the mounted marauders and knights but small six man units are great, if you mark the knights they are scary! You can use hounds or horseman to screen. BIG papa Shaggy is a must, if only for the threat of dropping the str 8 attacks on some poor unsupecting lord. I would get rid of the spawn and hell cannon, love the models but spawn die to easy for 55 points and I have never been impressed with the hellcannon. Horde rules, if I remember correctly, really can be used by Chaos unless you want a unit ten inches across, tough to move and useless. If you want them to protect your characters 17 are good, tzeentch or unmarked, with shields and light armor or great weapons, depending on if you really want to count on them sticking around. Even at WS 4, S 3 they are a threat to weaker races, because I (with the exception of the cursed elves. (add random curse word) If you want a real threat to even "main" units then great weapons or flails.
    So in Review...
    Warriors change mark or weapons
    Chosen drop for cheaper units of Warriors and War shrines
    If you have them Knights and Horse or Hounds
    Keep Shaggy, drop spawn and Hell cannon
    Marauder 18 units max... with different weapons and or marks.
    Like I said take it for what it is...I am Just Sayin...

  4. I like the large number of marauders, but I think they could be used more effectively. I've found that marauders in a horde of 40+ armed with nothing but flails are incredibly effective. The Strength 5 Initiative 4 is by itself incredibly destructive, and i notice that simple strength 3 soldiers don't get one very far in 8th ed. Give the unit MoK if you want to really throw some dice, or MoT if you want to make them less fluffy. For a horde, the 20pts for MoT is way cheaper than buying light armor for everyone, and Ward is better than armor anyway ;) Anyways, even tho flails only give the bonus for the first turn, if you're in a horde you're more than likely to have more ranks than the foe after dealing the hurt so they'll almost guaranteed be running. So for less than 250 pts you could have a hammer unit like that!

    The Hellcannon has never failed to disappoint in my experience. Sure, i always seem to fail those Ld9 tests, but now that templates hit everything and the Hellcannon is the only Str5 stone thrower, you pretty much have it made. And even if you roll poopy and kill nothing, the unit makes a panic just for being hit by the template. It's unbelievably good and as WoC lack shooting in general, it's a must-have. I love my custom-built one personally :)

    While I love me some Chosen, the units you have are really really pricey and i doubt worth it. The 50pts for each command is a killer, and chosen will suffer immensely against enemy shooting and magic due to their infamous nature and (comparatively speaking in terms of WoC) light armor. I dislike the WoC trolls, ogres, and dragon ogres, because of the models if nothing else, but you really can't go wrong with a unit of 5-6 knights of khorne, or, as i prefer, tzeentch with the banner of rage. Just in case the 1+ armor doesn't work, ya know?

    And whiel my shaggy is perhaps my favorite WoC model after Archaon, i have to say it has never actually helped me in any battle. It ALWAYS dies before doing anythign useful. Maybe in a 3000+ point army it could find a niche, but at thsi point I'd say you're better off getting more blocks of troops.

    And while i hate to use mages without marks (i love the chaos lores!) i have to admit that in 8th ed the core magic lores are by far superior to the codices. Shadow is my fav that the WoC cna use.