Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mo money, mo money, mo money!!!

  On top of all my other gaming addictions, like Wizkids stuff and Infinity, I still have to keep up with 40k.  As it turns out, GW knows this all too well and they continue to abuse me.  Am I upset?  Nope, not at all.  I chose to adopt this hobby and now I have to suffer...

  40k has been my game since DnD started to wane and since before college destroyed all my gaming habits.  I even worked for the Emprah for a while and was the champion of 40k we were supposed to be.  But even I have my focuses.  My main army always was and will always be the Ultramarines- paragons of order and competence, noble integrity and unshakeable honour.  My second army was, and will apparently always be, my Eldar.  I've not mastered the Eldar in any way whatsoever, but I definitely do dig them for some strange reason.  But I'm an Elf fan in DnD, so I guess it makes sense.

  And then what do I find out?  Apparently, GW is going to release new Eldar and Ultramarine stuff here soon!  Check out the pics of apparent new releases just in the next week or so:

Allegedly as large as the SM codex and maybe addressing the different craftworlds...

We were tricked a decade ago, but maybe this is real now?

Finally!  I HATE converting these!  That's why I only have one right now...

Nice model!  But I already made my own, so I'm fine, I guess...

   Admittedly, these pictures have been on the interwebs for a moment and these may even be released by the time you read this, but it still means that I have to buy a ton of new stuff very suddenly.  Darn you, GW!!!

Then we get to the Ultramarines.  Later this year, FW will be releasing the Battle For Calth book and the decals alone look awesome, much less the amazing models.  Then the rumour is that GW is going to be releasing a new Marine codex this year, which means that I may have to keep an eye out for that.  Does that mean I'm going to be spending money on more marine stuff (considering I already own too much that I don't even use)?

  Yep.  And they know it.  Well played, GW, well played!

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