Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Aleph for Me!

  We know that I'm like an addict when it comes to miniatures games.  Everyone who's been around me knows that I can't stop once I get started.  I have to make rational decisions to avoid games just because I know what'll happen.  And after this last bit, I think I've come to a realization:

I have a problem!

  They say the first step to solving a problem is admitting that problem.  Well, I have a problem with miniatures games.  Funny enough, it's not a problem I want to solve...

  If I'm going to buy something, I'm going to buy ALL of something.  There's no point to buying some of a product and then wondering what could have been when you could buy everything and regret that less (at least I do).  That's why I have 8 massive armies for 40k, and then three more than can be built up pretty quickly.  Three massive armies for Warhammer, a game I no longer play, 3 massive fleets for BFG, a game almost nobody plays anymore, and every module of Star Fleet Battles Captains Edition that was ever produced- a game nobody has ever heard of!  Yeah, I do that.

  Recently, that happened with Star Trek: Attack Wing (where I own literally everything except DS9 (which I did own) and the Borg Cube, neither of which I want) and Cryptozoic's DC Deck-building game.  Yes, I enjoy both of those games immensely, and yes, I don't need all of that stuff to enjoy it.  But yes, I feel obligated to collect it all.  ALL OF IT!!!

  And then my buddy got me into Infinity.  He brought over some Aleph models and tossed them in my lap.  Not knowing what the heck I was just assaulted with, I picked up the boxes and saw this:

Myrmidons- the badasses of humanity's AI
Posthumans- remote-controlled super-people!
  My buddy knows what I like!  He remembered me showing some interest in the robots and mecha feel of this faction, so he picked them up for me.  Yeah!!!  Of course, that started the avalanche of retail visits.  First, I had to pick up a leader, right?

"Say 'what' again!"
   But I still didn't have any of my cool little robot guys, so I picked this up today:

Aleph Starter Pack, including 3 Dakini bots!

  Now, in order to make my Steel Phalanx list, I have to wait for this box to show up- a box with two missile launchers!

Myrmidons and their Thorikatai brothers...

  I would be a liar if I didn't note that I also bought a couple of drop-troops, a couple of sentry bots, and a giant mecha dude to go with this as well.  But I don't want my buddy to know about all this yet, so sssshhhhhhh.  When I get it all built and painted, his Combined Army (the bad-guy alien jerks) will have enough fun.  I might as well make it a surprise too...

  As with all my other games, I didn't stop at a reasonable point.  My wife is already mad at me for spending so much money, but I can't help it.  Remember, I've admitted it, so I'm only just starting the process of solving it...  Heeheehehehehe

  What habits have taken your addiction?  Let me know and we can commiserate together.  And, as always, Happy Hobbying!

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