Thursday, March 19, 2015

Da Waaagh got beat bad!

It is once again time to let da Waagh go to battle and face the Chaos Marines of my infamous buddy.  This time, unlike our last battle of epic comebackedness, was going to be the Crimson Slaughter.  I didn't think it would matter, but oh, it mattered.

In case you don't now, the Crimson Slaughter is the Chaos Marine army showcased in the Dark Vengeance Starter kit.  They have the distinction of being a fallen loyalist Chapter, haunted by the souls of a planet they were forced to exterminate.  Finally succumbing to Khorne, they made the Dark Angels their bitch and are just downright freaky!  They love them some Possessed and Daemon Engines, which is definitely a good fight for the greenskins.

Unfortunately, the army is a power-armoured army (always a pain for da boyz) that happens to like psykers (which da Orks have no real defense yet), and most importantly of all- CAUSES FEAR!  I don't know if you guys know this, but Orks have the lowest Leadership in the game.  I didn't think it would matter too much, but it mattered quite a bit.

The battlefield- a typical long-ruined Imperial city with plenty of cover

My setup: Deffkoptas are going to Outflank

His setup

Turn 1 sees my Orks leap into action and movie forward as a group.  One mob of boyz decides to flank into the ruins, while everything else pretty much flows into the middle, taking some time to defile the giant SM statue.  The Crimson Slaughter pretty much respond as expected, moving up and establishing a 'kill zone' in the middle of the battlefield.  The Rhino disgorged marines and completely blocks that side, mowing down some boyz with well-placed shooting.  The Defiler, way scary to my boyz, manages to blast a couple of them to shreds.  His Sorcerer, comfortably chilling with a ton of marines, casts Foreboding on the unit.  I'm not worried yet.  So far, not too bad a turn for the greenskins...
End of Turn 1
Turn 2, and my Warboss calls the Waaaagh like a bauss!  The orks charge those pesky marines holding the flank and immediately get crushed.  Of course the Orks fail the Fear test this time, so I'm not thinking it will matter too much only to find it matters alot.  This is where I'm starting to get a little of that 'math' on, realizing that 10 marines isn't quite enough to stop a full mob, but it is enough to take care of a small one...  Otherwise, the Warbikes charge up the middle, trying to get to the Defiler, but to no avail.  The other boyz and Deffdread, seeing the perfect opporunity to finish this game, charge the massive marine squad with the Sorcerer chilling there.  The Deffdread, impervious to all but two of his weapons (a meltagun and a plasma pistol), is immediately destroyed before the second step.  Remember that Foreboding power he got off last turn?  It is the single biggest turning moment in the game as that Deffdread dying ruined the Warboss's kunnin' plan.  The Crimson Slaughter, now fully emboldened by the sudden collapse of the foe, moved up and charge the last couple of bikes.  With another failed Fear test, they were completely wiped out, leaving only a Nob and a couple of regular boyz to fight some marines and the Sorcerer.  Oh, this turn, the Sorcerer gained an extra Wound as a reward for smashing the aliens' characters so easily...

End of Turn 2
Turn 3, and all hope is long abandoned.  But my buddy likes to keep it going, so it continued.  The Orks on the flank, having come out of the building finally, charge the marines holding that flank and kill them off, gaining some momentum.  The remaining boyz in the middle consolidate with the now emerged boyz and set up a giant wall (of a dozen models).  The Rhino goes down with a couple of chops, but it was the last bit of energy they had.  The Chaos Sorcerer, with his very scary armor and huge battlefield superiority, charges the Orks.  Amazingly, the Orks chop down the remaining marines around him (admittedly, it was a bunch of Orks against a few marines), but the red survivor just cleaves through the greenskins.  The last challenge of the game was a lone Nob against a wounded Sorcerer, but we know how that turns out.  Complete rout.

End of Turn 3
Well, that wasn't fun at all.  Playing Orks, the lowest leadership in the game, against an army that causes Fear, has large blast templates, wears power armor, and has psykers...  Yeah, that's not a fun match at all.

Have y'all had a game like this recently?  Let me know about it and maybe I won't be so bitter...
Happy Gaming!

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  1. The orks have a variety of ways to counter fear.
    1) The #1 warlord trait makes the entire army fearless during a waaagh, and the formation lets them waagh every turn.
    2) The big boss pole makes the unit they are with fearless
    3) the bully boyz formation makes meganobz fearless, WS5, and THEY cause fear.
    4) Grukk lets you reroll failed ld tests within 12 inches of him at ld 9.
    5) Mad doc grants fearless, FNP, and rampage to the unit he's in!