Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rules I hate!

I have so much issue with so many things, but I don't really care as I'm not the designer, just the gamer.  But sometimes, and it's not often, sometimes I find a rule that just chaps my hide...

Here's the one that I had to clarify recently:

Pg 81, BRB, "If a unit disembarks from a destroyed vehicle during the enemy turn, it cannot charge in the assault phase of its own turn unless the destroyed vehicle had the Assault Vehicle special rule."

Now we all know that last edition saw that rule be put into effect (even if it required FAQ to clarify later), so this is not something 'new'.  But it is something that actually makes me sad when I have to be the victim of it.  Strangely, it makes me even more sad to see the effect this rule has on certain other armies.

Make no mistake, I LOVE these balancing factors that GW included.  To mitigate the 'parking lots' that we used to see in 4th edition, GW makes sure that vehicles are slower to fire more weapons (unless they're 'fast', in which case the rules make them TOO powerful) and makes sure troops can't use them as moving deployment zones.  To bring them back after the nerfing of said 'lots' in 5th edition, they made the vehicles more difficult to destroy and gave transports some extra overwatch love.  But those Khornate armies with Rhino support aren't terribly happy about those effects.

You see, some armies, like Orks and Necrons, have assault units and open-topped vehicles to take advantage of that.  While Necrons only have one good CC unit, Orks are all close combat and so both armies get to see their specialties taken advantage of.

But the poor Khorne Berzerker or Black Templar Crusader is strapped with the responsibility of bring ing a Land Raider or a really good set of boots.  Why?  Because all I need to do to stop those threats to my army is pop their Rhinos.  When I do that, not only are the squads now stuck where they didn't want to be, but they are also NOT ALLOWED to do what they're supposed to do.  I know that the vehicle blew up in my turn and those troops were on foot when their turn started.  But hey, the Gods-that-make-the-rules say that you have to look at me menacingly and toss a pistol shot my way.  But your Chain-axes and -swords can stay put away for at least another turn.

Does that make any sense?  Not too me.  All I can do is take advantage (remember, my buddy is a Khorne player) and complain incessantly about the common sense behind the rule.  I don't think it breaks the game, I just don't like what it does to certain armies.

What do you think of this rule?  Leave your defense or attack on the rule below and, as always, Happy Gaming!


  1. Keep in mind that open topped vehicles now take flamer hits to the occupants. I've used an ironclad to completely wipe out the occupants of a raider, without destroying the raider.

    1. You're so right. I just found this rule last week (and a couple of others besides) and realized that my Orkz iz gonna 'ave some trouble against templates. And my buddy likes to use flamers and sorcerers, so ouch all around!

      But it's all balanced when I pop his Rhino and those marines have to stand there and take it from me when he was but a phase away... I DO like that 'tactical' aspect this rule brings to the game. When I play power armour, I use bolters, so I don't mind one bit. But his army...

    2. I hear you! As an ork player myself, I just wanted to let you know it's not all sunny on our side either!

      I do wish the gork was an assault vehicle though....