Thursday, January 22, 2015

DS9 moves now?!

  Recently, our new Admiral picked up the DS9 model to round out his extensive collection.  After some slow gaming at the shop one day, he decided to bust the sucker out and get a game on.  

  He and some of the other core players donated a number of ships to the battle, re-enacting the Battle of DS9 as close as they could in this ad-hoc situation.  We even had a new guy walk in and get sucked into the battle.  These guys are good like that...

Here's the beginning of the battle, with just a few ships out (or so it seems).  Romulans, Klingons, and Federation guarded the space station against the Dominion attack.  

After a couple of rounds and nearly time to close up shop, the station had moved toward the center of the board and starship debris was everywhere as a result of firepower galore!

  Nice easy post today.  these guys did this battle well over a month ago and used it as an excuse to set up the Battle of Wolf 359.  I can't wait to see that one myself.  And, of course, all credit to these guys.  I've bragged about the game group before, but they deserve it.  Game days don't suck!

  Let me know about some massive battles you've had and look forward to the 359 battle coming up!

Happy Gaming!


  1. Nice pictures... we've got to do something about the lighting in that place!
    These two battles were death on a stick. I don't think either team succeeded in dropping the big baddie in either game.

  2. I (Dillon) am a licenced electrician. Lighting can be fixed if Earl wants me to. Ive talked about it before. Even offered to donate LED bulbs to remove the overheating problem.

  3. Thats pretty awesome. I love how you guys just roped some new person into the game. I have a few ST:AW post I'm brewing myself. Also, wanted to say your page is WAY easier to read now that it snot Green on Black. (My eyes just have a hard time going from that back to Black on White so i tend to limit the pages I read like that. This is the best LiveJournal post you have made thus-far!