Thursday, January 29, 2015

Battle of Wolf 359

  As promised last week, the guys at the shop played the Battle of Wolf 359 in Attack Wing.  They used the massive Borg Cube and tons of Federation ships.  I missed it because I had pneumonia, but the guys were cool enough to post a pic and some descriptions.

  First, they made sure to limit the ships that could participate in the battle.  This is important because it would be weird to have Romulan ships out there.  Remember, the Federation lost 39 ships (which, before the Dominion War, was a huge amount).  

  Here's the AAR and the plan for the next one...

"Resistance is not futile! Today we had the battle of Wolf 359 where the federation fleet ran by Joe and myself engaged and destroyed the Borg fleet operated by Jan, Bud, and Jared, recapturing Capt Jean Luc Picard."

  Being the smart guys they are, they already planned for the next battle.  

  "Next week we will move on to the battle of sector 001 from the first contact movie. It will be a 400 point game Borg vs Federation using only ships that were involved in the fight. These ships were Nebula, Miranda, Galaxy, and Saber class ships. Also the Enterprise-E, Defiant, and Yeager named ships were there from the ships available through STAW. Fighter squadrons where also involved in the battle. It was decided for the named ships that it must have crew that was assigned to it as best as possible. Also once the Borg cube is destroyed a sphere will pop out of it and attempt to run to make a temporal vortex to travel back to the 22nd century. This will work very similar to the way the Collective Month 3 OP worked. Federation objective is to eliminate the Borg fleet and prevent the sphere from exiting the board. Borg objective is to eliminate the Federation fleet or make it to the 22nd century. Like this week- no crew or captains from the original series era. Any changes made for canon accuracy will be posted here if my research brings up anything. Hope to have a great matchup like we did this week."

I think my guys are better at designing these campaigns than Wizkids!!!  Stay tuned for more storyline action from America's Heroes!

And, as always, Happy Gaming!

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