Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gettin' my hobby on!

I asked y'all to bear with me as I wrestled with real life.  Well, I seem to have it all a bit more under control (not saying it's taken care of, but it's not ambushing me anymore), so I pulled out some models and starting hobbying again.  In the interest of filling post-space and motivating myself, I am showing off my plans.

I've been rather addicted to my Blood Angels for some reason.  I find them difficult to play right now (at least the way that I use them), and that only pushes me to want to add more units to the force.  Now some of you may remember when I said "I'm done and won't add any more".  I lied.  I should have known.

It all came down to me having too much time, thinking about too many things (stupid real life), and needing a distraction.  Add to that too many bitz in my garage, er, workshop, and the desire to sniff some glue (not really, but a giggle is required once in a while), and you have the perfect recipe for projects kicking off.  And so I dove into my bitz box and spent a long night just going crazy with the knife, file, and some glue.  And here's what I did:

First, I found that my poor Furioso was getting bored.  I had a buddy send his extra one to me all the way from the cold-lands of Wisconsin, and that one was asking to be added.  But my laziness kept that from happening (plus I don't like playing 'cheezy' units or 'spamming', so I rationalized well on that one).  Then another buddy gave me his extra one and the thought once again crossed my mind.  Worse, I bought the new plastic model some time ago and that continued to sit on the shelf.  Counting the finished model, I have four? Yet only one built and painted?  For shame, Jay, for shame!!!  Loneliness cannot be abided, so I busted out the next two and got them built.

The plan is to toss all three into Drop Pods and scare the opponents into crying as the sky opens up with old and bitter walking machines of death.  Keep in mind that I'm not that kind of player.  But it's nice to know I have the option.

Next up is my Captain expressing to me that he's too important to roll with a simple Assault Squad all the time.  Sendini is rather well-known for his discipline and brashness, yet is stuck being little more than a beefed-up second sergeant for a squad he graduated from ages ago.  That couldn't stand.  Plus, if I ever do feel the need to slap down three Furiosos, I will no longer have the ability to take Sanguinary Priests in my army.  How to solve, how to solve...  Oh yeah!  Honour Guard!!!

I was sad that I didn't have the Apothecary bitz, or the Company Champion bitz, or even the Standard Bearer bitz (which I found much later, ironically) to make a true Command squad.  But then I remembered that I'm not interested in all of that as Sendini likes his boyz to hit hard and fast.  His force isn't there for ceremony; they're there to whoop ass.  Names need not be taken.  And so I just dove further into the bitz box and found what I was looking for.

The Sanguinary Novitiate (or Apothecary to you non-Sanguinius followers) is nothing more than an old robed Marine body that I had cut the head from years ago.  A little conversion with a new helmet and some simple assault weapons and a Jump Pack and VIOLA! I have a rather convincing medic-in-training.  The robe is there to make him obviously special for some reason, and the shoulder pad has the icon of the Chalice, ensuring that nobody gets this confused.  Go go gadget Feel No Pain!

Finally came the rest of the squad.  No other characters in the squad meant that I could simply slap weapons on and have a blast.  For that, I made sure that every  model had the perfect wargear 'pairing' when armed.  One has the Power Axe and Plasma Pistol (30 points of AP2 goodness), the next a Power Fist and Meltagun (where's that armoured target again?), the next with Power Sword and Hand Flamer (the super-typical good CC build all the way), and the final Marine with a Chainsword and Bolt Pistol (somebody's gotta lead the charge, right?  Take the overwatch to the face!  For the team, that is...).  Simple, sweet, and more fun than effective.  I'm sure they'll do their job well when Sendini joins the squad and the charge commences...

I also wanted the build another Tactical Squad as well.  Diving into my bitz box and needing ten models, I found seven.  Booooo!  Looks like I'll have to stick with the two units above.  Besides, I can't be too sad considering that I am doing little more than simply slapping pieces together to pass time.  I will have these painted sooner or later, and you know I'll post pics when they are.

In the meantime, let me know what you guys have hobbied on for no other reason than to pass the time.  Most models have a purpose, but sometimes you just gotta build something for no reason at all.  Drop a comment and fill me in on your.  And, of course, Happy Hobbying!

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  1. Nice - you can never really have too many assault marines or dreadnoughts! Looking forward to seeing more!