Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bear with me...

I have been stressing for the last three weeks on what to blog about.  I haven't had alot of time to hobby, so I couldn't show off any new work (hence the old Ultramarines pics a couple of weeks back).  I don't have any money to expand on my Tau or get ready for the new Eldar, so I couldn't really do anything about tactics.  And I haven't been playing any games so I have nothing to report on the batrep side.  

Why?  Well:

Imagine that the guy with the tie is ME, and the other guy is REAL LIFE.  I'm not going to go into details as to what's all going on, but needless to say that life has certainly given me some obstacles to enjoy.  And for that the hobby suffers.  

I looked on my blog and realized that I hadn't posted anything at all in the last couple of weeks and figured I'd better post something.  And therefore I post this.  Let me promise, like I've had to before, that I will be posting again here soon (maybe even tomorrow if I can).  I just need to get my gloves out and start punching back.
I'm coming for ya, real life!  Your ass is gonna regret messin' with me!

In the meantime, take some time and comment on this post to let me know what kind of stuff you'd like to see.  Once I get the time to lay down some keystrokes, I'm sure I'm going to need some new ideas.  And what better place to get them than the very people that visit?  Let me know!

And as always, especially for my vicarious needs, Happy Hobbying!


  1. Hope things get better for you. Things aren't too rosy for me too but I am getting by one-day-at-a-time. =) Not sure what stuff you should blog about but writing stuff that you are passionate about always produces one's best work, does it not? Just my 2 cents. Again, hope things look up soon.

    1. thanks. One day at a time is all anyone can do. None of my issues are life-threatening or end-of-the-world stuff, but they certainly are issues that require my attention.
      In the meantime, I'm really at a loss for what I want to wax about. On top of not having the focus to do what I had been, I'm also on a bit of a writers block. That's just weird. But I'll get it back. I'm just hoping it doesn't take too long. After all, I have toys that need love, readers that need reading, and real life to escape.
      I appreciate the kind words. I reciprocate, and hope it all gets better for you as well. With our hobby powers combined... (thinly veiled Captain Planet reference FTW!)