Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's done!!!

It took many, many long hours of painting.  It soaked up many, many days worth of time.  In fact, this project took so long that I've sorely neglected a far more serious matter that I must now shift my attention to.  But anyone who's ever studied business management knows the difference between 'urgency' and 'importance', and this was urgent.

But it's done.  I have finally finished.  I took two days off over the last two weeks just to give my back and my arthritis-ridden fingers a break, and it was worth it.  I finished Sunday night and actually enjoyed a game last night.  It was my reward to myself, and well-deserved (especially considering I haven't even played a game at the shop in weeks now).  But I'll get to that game later.  For now, I want to show off the completion of everything I've been working on.  This is just as much for bragging purpose as it is proof to the rest of the team that is so desperately depending on me.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the blog, I'll to recap for you.  For the last many weeks, I've been frantically working on completing my Word Bearers army.  This army is for the Adepticon Team Tournament, an event that I can't go to because of that 'serious' matter I'm supposed to be working on.  So I had to get the army done even faster and then send it out priority so my team-mates could hand it to my replacement.  This morning saw the box get shipped off.  That's it!  You should be all caught up now.  And now for the good stuff:

Here's the army list again:

1000 point Adepticon Army- Word Bearers Chaos Marines
HQ-  1st Chaplain Erebus (counts as Huron Blackheart)  160
TROOP-  10 Chaos Marines, Power Fist and Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma guns, Veterans of the Long War  220
TROOP-  20 Cultists, Shotgun, Flamer  97
TROOP-  25 Cultists, Shotgun, 24 Autoguns  136
ELITE-  5 Terminators, twin Lightning Claws, 3 bolter/melta-guns, Reaper Autocannon, 2 Power Fists, 2 Chainfists, Veterans of the Long War  272
HEAVY-  5 Havocs, 4 Autocannons  115

And here's the models:

The whole army, in all its glory.  Note that the display board is not the final one, it's just a random board I have laying around and use just for pictures.  The real display will be much nicer.

First Chaplain Erebus, and his trusty Daemonic sidekick...

The Terminators... of DOOM!

What's a Word Bearers army without Word Bearers?

Erebus ablative wounds, er, bodyguard.

Another unit of distraction, er, Cultists.

And, of course, some guns...
 Anyone going to Adepticon knows that you must bring an objective marker.  My army, being based off the Battle for Calth represented in "Know No Fear", would be trying to destroy every part of that Master World.  And this column is asking for it...

Wait, what's going on there?

Even a Daemon has to go sometimes...
And that's it!  There was a bit more work in the background as well, but it's all the boring stuff.  I had to make display placards and army lists and briefing packets for the poor newbie that has to make this force work and... yeah, a ton of boring stuff.  I'm most proud of the army.

The cool thing is that it's going to be fighting alongside Tyranids, Orks, and Necrons in the goal of destroying Ultramar.  My Word Bearers may have started the downfall of the piddly-little empire, but these other forces are certainly helping.  And hence our theme- 

Doom of Ultramar!!!

Wish my team some luck for this weekend's grand experiment.  And if you see this army on the field, please toss a shout-out on here so I know.  It'll make me proud.

Just like I'm proud to finally be done.  Whew!  Now onto more important stuff...


  1. Your Word Bearers army is really awesome! Well done sir, well done! How did you build the Word Bearers with big guns? I was thinking of getting a Havoc team but your guys look way better!

    My objective marker is going to be Cyrene Valantion from the First Heretic book fame. I know I know ... she is dead, but think of it as the true reincarnation of the original. Lorgar works in mysterious ways after all.

    Congrats again! Do Papa Lorgar proud at Adepticon.

    1. Thanks, man! I know someone else with some rather attractive Word Bearers... :-)
      As far as how I made the Havocs- It's simply Chaos marines and boltgun arm, with the 'trigger hand' cut off and replaced with the hand from the back of the heavy bolters. Then I took the IG Autocannons and glued the hand to that and rested the weapon on the 'ready' arm. Really quite simple, other than the posing (which was admittedly tedious). And since GW no longer sells the autocannon havocs separately, I had no choice but to find a solution fast. I'm happy with it, and happier that others like it too! Thanks!
      Sadly, I won't be at Adepticon. My plan to go was usurped by some very important crap that has to be taken care of. I'm hoping that the army plays well for the poor guy that has to learn it on the fly. But hey, as long as some loyalists are killed (and more specifically, the XIIIth), it's all good.

  2. Great work, man! That's a fantastic looking army!

    1. thanks! It's done and gone, so now I can actually focus on rolling some dice and pushing some dudes again, which is supposed to be the reward. Now I just have to choose which OTHER army to use...

  3. I faced them, and smeared their faces on my toothbrush of justice and righteousness wherefore I brushed mine teeth! Now the only word they bear is my word! Muah hahahaha!

  4. P.S. I squish your head!

  5. Love the objective marker! Nice job on the army! It is a nice feeling when you are all done with a project! Good luck spreading the word!

    1. thanx! And it does feel REALLY good.

  6. I really like your objective marker. It's funny :D

    1. That's what I was going for. I figured the army may get whooped on the table, but at least the opponents should be laughing. And maybe their laughter will lead to tactical mistakes, and maybe then they'll lose... Ah yes, master plan!