Sunday, April 7, 2013


I mentioned not too long ago that I had started a game group at my local comic shop.  I went in there looking to get back into collecting and noticed a whole game-room and wall of product not being used, and I just couldn't let that continue.  Plus, the LGS in the area has a very well-established, cliquish, sometimes-too-competitive game group that I didn't much appreciate.  Ah, how opportunities present themselves too easily...

After running some demo games and talking to every poor schmuck that made the mistake of standing at the GW wall, I was able to get a regularly-meeting group started.  I must note that this is an 'Army town', so keeping these guys around can be difficult, and this group certainly has its share of turnover due to Uncle Sam giving orders.  But a little work and alot of cool guys (and gals) led to the crew growing to a dozen-plus and some major-league gaming going on.

In the last few months, I started a map campaign.  Using the Mighty Imperium (and Mighty Empires as well) set, plus some rules taken from the Crusade of Fire book, we had some epic battles.  Starting at 1000 points and restricting flyers, it took only a few weeks before we had escalated up to 2k games and special characters wrecking face wherever possible.  It was glorious!  Oh, and some people learned how to play, too!

Well, this campaign finally ended this week.  The results were tallied up and winners announced.  For this post, I'm gonna show the group off as well as the map and results.  These were taken by one of the guys in the group and posted online, so I must make sure to shout out my thanks to him.  Thanks, buddy!

Otherwise, enjoy!

The Gaming Group, hard at work!

 Final Week's breakdown of battles:
Table 1- Conan's Imperial vs. Dillon's Tyranids

Table 2- Jessica's Dark Angels vs. Taylor's Tau

Table 3- Bud's Dark Angels against Dan's Chaos Marines

Table 4- Steve's Tau vs. Dallas's Space Wolves
 The Planet at war, Killeenus IV

See where I am on this list?  And I'm the 'Master'.  Makes sense, right?
Congrats to the winners, by the way!
 A couple of ridiculous moments...
Conan denied First Blood by ONE Gaunt

Cover saves negating a Defiler's cannon
 And the other game group fighting us for space... 
These are some of the Heroclix players, with our Magic: TG guy in there as well...

And there ya go!  I'm so very proud of this group!  A few months ago, this place was empty (of GW gamers, anyway).  There were no 40k battles going on, and a ton of warriors sitting unbuilt and in their boxes.  It started with three guys (who're all re-stationed or deployed now), a couple more (again, elsewhere due to orders), and eventually it added up to this and more ('duty' doesn't care about weekend gaming, so there are others, I promise).  Now I get to see a ton of smiles, smack-talk flying around, and the awesome-ness of hand-painted and converted models everywhere.  This group makes my Saturdays fun and is the biggest reason I haven't dropped out of the hobby and sold everything off.  I'm happy I didn't.  And, again, so proud.  I also need to mention that the store-owner is awesome as well.  Thanks for the space and feeding our addiction!



  1. I squish your head! muah ha ha haa!

  2. Having a gaming group is the way to go. None better than to have like-minded people around.

  3. I really like the group. A bunch of people more worried about having fun than winning at all costs for the most part.

  4. It's great that you have been able to turn an empty space into a worthy little gaming group. I hope it continues and you all have great fun with your campaigns.

    1. Thanks, man! It's all about great people and good times. And we're lucky to get both!