Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brutus Extremis

And here's the teeth of my army, finally.  At only 1,000 points, there's only so much you can take that works.  Add to that the prohibitive nature of 'fluffy' list-building, and there's not a ton of hope.  But Chaos can take these bad boys, and the novel my army is based on had one running around, so I happily included the unit.  Check it out, check it outers!

Chaos Terminator squad with tons of anti-tank killing ability:

Reaper Autocannon, 3 combi-meltas, 2 Power Fists, and 2 Chainfists
Notice the variety of victims?  I love trophy racks on termies...
And, of course, showing off the hand-painted iconography.  

Five more down, only 46 more to go...

Happy hobbying!


  1. Very Nice! Are you building a Word Bearers army? I just finished my set of Anointed recently too. =) Do check 'em out at my blog at

    Looking forward to more Chaos stuff from you!

    1. Oh ya ... any comments and advice on building a Word Bearers army would be much appreciated!

    2. Oh, my, Lord! I just checked out your site and I am wholly impressed! Not only do you have a banner of my two favorite armies up there, but your painting looks great (awfully similar to someone else I know... :-P ). Man, Keep it up!
      I'll be scouring your site and possibly commenting like a rabid talk-show host here soon. And I do plan on doing some 'why I chose this unit, etc.' posts here soon, just as soon as I can pry this paintbrush from my hand...

    3. Any comments you have are most welcome. =)

      By the way, did you do a tutorial on how to paint the word Bearers symbols that are on your Anointed? They look awesome and are so much better than the shiny decals that I stick on my Termies.

    4. I haven't yet, but you've given me a great idea for another post...