Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adding to the motorpool

My attention has very quickly shifted over to my Imperial Guard and I've been working on it for quite a bit.  My Death Korps have seen some action and may be getting some heavy weapons (finally) as well as a new tank.  My Cadians, on the other hand, have been waiting to get some love, and I've been giving it to them for the last week.

I knew I had Chimera tanks, but I also knew that they weren't in good shape.  So I 'refurbed' them, getting them put back together and trying to make up for some of the old shorcomings.  The biggest change is that I've added Heavy Stubbers to the originals.  First three, done; next one, already done; next one, finally finished; next one, brand new...

Then I went to build my Hellhound tanks.  I had an extra Chimera box and a blister pack with all the conversion bits for the 'old version' of the Hellhound, plus an unopened 'old version,' plus an unopened 'new version.'.  Deciding to build both of the 'old versions,' I opened the box to find another Chimera almost finished!  Good lord!  So I went from having three useable transports to nine!  And to think I only wanted four to begin with...

Did I mention that I built up some Hellhounds?  I love those tanks.  I never used to have any respect for them until a gamer buddy of mine used a pair to completely wipe out all my IG infantry in a very one-sided battle.  Once my angry rant finished, I realized that Hellhounds are pretty effective weapons.  And the Tau seem to be pretty popular right now, something that rather increases the value of the flame-tank itself.

Finally, I added something I've wanted forever- the Manticore missile tank!  It has missiles, and who doesn't like that?  I have to admit that I'm rather impressed with the model; GW has really outdone themselves with the new tank kits.  I still like the FW version better, but this model is not terrible at all (in fact, it's more detailed!).  And for what it does in the game...

Now I have to decide what I want to work on next.  I can build another couple of Manticores, get my Air Force going, start making that Storm Trooper detachment, or just paint.  Decisions, decisions...  That's Imperial Guard for ya!  Oh well, it's such a terrible problem to have...

Let me know what you guys are working on out there.  And Happy Hobbying!


  1. Wow ... so much heavy power. All that is missing is a Death Star! =)

  2. I like what you are doing here bud. Funny, I just sold my whole IG army. I knew i was never going to pick it back up again. It felt like I failed them. So they are now in good hands. My wolves will have to make due. :P