Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One squad down...

Okay, so I finally settled on my Adepticon list (and by settled, that means I finally acquired everything I wanted) and I needed to jump into painting frantically.  To begin with, I took the nearly completed squad of Chaos Marines and decided to 'spruce them up'.  After all, I was originally painting a Chaos Marine army just to have one and get it done.  Now it matters.

Here's the squad before I picked up the brush this time:

Here's the squad after  (Note that I painted the armour to look more 'solid' and get rid of that 'drybrush' look.):

Here's the iconography (and I have to brag and point out I did it all in freehand while watching 'Til Death' on CBS):

I even tried my hand at some RLS (reflective light-sourcing).  I didn't get it right, but I know how to do it now.  Too bad I'm not using any other Plasma Guns in the rest of my army...

Here's even a comparison of the 'new squad' lined up with one of the 'old squads'.  I don't know if you'll be able to see the difference, but I figured I'd show it off.

I got something done!  Now to get on the rest of the force- 56 more models!

Happy Hobbying!

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