Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It hath happeneth!

First off, I apologize for not putting up a blog in the last two weeks.  I have been busy with a couple of big things- getting a job (I have one, yay!), being a Daddy in a very intensive way, and prepping for something big.  But mostly, it's been a lack of motivation or inspiration.  And stress.  And distractions.  And all kinds of other things that I'd like to make into excuses.  But it's really only about what I haven't done in weeks now.

I haven't hobbied now for more than a month.  I haven't even looked at any of my toys with the exception of the Chaos Codex.  I have the Dark Vengeance models begging me for attention and they're stacked on my work-shelf and slowly being forgotten about.  I have many of my CSM models begging for more than the basic drybrush and I haven't even decided which unit to start on.  In fact, the only thing I've done in the workshop is organize my paints.  Why?  I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

But here's the second part, and the reason why this trend must now end-

My buddies and I are part of the few that were able to purchase our Adepticon National 40k Team Tournament tickets!!!

Last year the tournament sold out in 17 hours.  One of my other friends is a member of the Adepticon Council and we spent hours discussing how amazing this was.  This year, the tickets sold out in 53 minutes.  53 MINUTES!!!  Luckily, my team captain was on point and was able to get them purchased instantly.  Needless to say, I was very stressed out and waiting for confirmation the way an astronaut waits for the countdown to end and the engines to start up.  I was eagerly patient, that is until an hour had passed and word that the tournie sold out so quickly and I had not yet received word.  A flurry of phone calls and texts later and my fears were allayed.  I went from stressed to excited in the span of milliseconds.

I've already been to the Team Tournament and competed with a team that actually scored 2nd overall and won for 'Best Theme and Presentation' (look us up, Adepticon 2009, team name 'Cede Malis').  My team this year is not nearly as skilled at the game and hopes of winning are managed to non-existence.  In fact, we're pretty much using this event as an opportunity to present beautifully-themed armies and have a ton of fun, while also getting to see each other for the first time in years (we all live in different parts of the country). And if we happen to win half our games then we'll consider it a successful venture in the gaming arena.  If we win for 'Best Theme and Appearance' then we can call it a successful mission altogether.  Do we expect to?  Gosh no.  But we're sure gonna try.

Do it again, DO IT AGAIN!!!
The best parts of this are two-fold- a) My old partner in crime in service to the Emprah and I get to return to our old stomping grounds and receive the old 'hero-worship' we used to get.  It'll be nice going to Wisconsin to visit our respective stores and see hobbyists that we created all these years later.  And, of course, we get to have our egos stroked just a bit.  More importantly is b) the other three members of my team get to compete in the largest tournament in the US and specifically one of the most well-known formats in recent history.  My partner has competed with me multiple times in the Lord of the Rings Team Tournament, but I'm the only one that's done the 40k.  And the other two members of the team have never even attended this massive event.  So I'll get to witness at least two sets (and maybe three) of eyes filled with the shiny excitement of wonderment in this trip.  I always get excited to see other people get excited.  It's kind of a weakness on my part...

All this being said, I guess I have no choice but to start actually hobbying on my army now.  Which requires me to know what I'm going to use in my army.  Which will probably require me to buy a buttload more models.  Which means me getting a job couldn't have come at a better time.  I WILL be using my Word Bearers (I'll explain the theme later), and I will be restrictive in my unit selection, but I still want to be at least a little competitive.  Now onto a whole new level of stress...

More to come about this later.  But for now, forgive my lack of consistency in posting recently and bear with me.  I promise I'll make the wait worth it.  :-)

Happy Hobbying!


  1. Good luck. I hope you're successful in your hobby and gaming venture. I'd be to scared to attend that competitive of an event. I don't mind losing but I get angry sometimes when I lose a lot.

    1. Thank you! Me too, but my team is making sure to keep me focussed on our goal, which is NOT winning. I think that should help me not to 'hulk out'. lol!

  2. wtf, 53 minutes?! I also can't imagine that many competitive 40k players in one place. Yay for style points... and grats.

  3. Nice! I managed to nab tickets to the 40k championship tourney, but nothing else. Kind of bummed out about that. Good luck with the team tourney, that should be a blast!

  4. By the time i got my events 40k and fantasy sold out so i am going to be playing malifaux this year and doing pick up games of fantasy and 40k

    Larson, Ronald L
    aka THE RON