Thursday, October 4, 2012

Takes Time to make Time

My last post was all about my 'Master Plan' and how I'm working to build a new 40k group at my LCS.  I promised everyone in that group that this week I'd be bringing in armies and running a mega-battle (or two) to teach the rules.  Anyone who's kept up with the blog in the last couple months remembers that I've been painting Dark Angels and Word Bearers to use in these battles.

Then it happened- the Chaos Space Marine codex hit the stores and the interwebs.  Store owners aren't allowed to sell their new releases earlier than Saturday (although many do), but 'Information is Power' in the grimdark universe and some lucky folks were able to get eyes into that book.  I am lucky enough to be one of them.  (Stay tuned for my own useless review of the codex)  Jay sad.  I had both these forces set up at 1,000 points and designed to fight each other to a standstill.  The new codex made the Daemon Prince way better and more expensive, and turned the Defiler into a high-cost beast!  Luckily, the Chaos squads are a bit cheaper as well as the Raptors.  After recalculating my Word Bearers I found the army sitting at 1,100 points.  Because, you know, the Dark Angels were already having a good time.  Now I have to add something to the loyalists to make the battle even. 

What to add, what to add...  I need to add 100 points, and I should focus on troops.  Nope, that won't work.  Okay, I just have to make sure to avoid the big three, which pretty much leaves HQ as the only slot for me to look into.  What's 100 points? 

If you guessed a Chaplain with no upgrades- you must be a Dark Angel player!  Good stuff.  With the power of the Daemon Prince and the fact that the DA codex is already the oldest in the game, I feel justified in bringing a second HQ choice.  Besides, it's a Chaplain.  They're not game-breaking anymore now that they can't take lightning claws and a jump pack for cheaper than a captain (or at all, YAY!). 

Oh crap, those battles are supposed to be set up for Saturday morning and it's already Thursday night!!!  Well, I better get to work.  Thank the Emporer that the prime-job makes the model half done already.  When this guy is finished, I'll be sure to post pics and fish for tons of credit for ridiculous talent (or just feel good about myself).  In any case, the pic you see above is the 'BEFORE' image, and tomorrow night should bring the 'AFTER'. 

All that being said, I can't just write about what I'm gonna do, I should leave y'all with something useful.  Many months ago, I was trying to teach some friends how to play and I wanted to make up stat-cards for the units we were going to use.  I dug them up and changed them to match my Dark Angels and Word Bearers to use Saturday (see?  Well trained, to say the least!).  I figured I'd share the file with you guys if you want to use it.  It's not fancy (it's Excel), and it does NONE of the work for you, but I find it handy with noobs so I'm not making them flip through a codex every four minutes.  If you're interested, leave me a comment on this post AND send me an email at  I don't check often, so the comment will be my reminder.

If you look real close, you'll see the new Chaos units and their new stats and rules

Enjoy, and Happy Hobbying!

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