Thursday, September 13, 2012

My converted Raptors

Here's the second unit, and the final one needed to bring my Word Bearers up to a fully painted 1000 points!  Yay!

Word Bearers Chaos Marines
43rd Company, 'Kharsis' Warhost'

the "Wings of Faith"
Chaos Marine Raptors

A Power Sword here, a Flamer there, and a Khorne Berserker?!?

Again, maybe better if you like it.  I'm not a camera-literate person, so...

Oh, and don't think the wings are done.  There's so much more work I want to put into them, and then I remembered that I'm tired.  Both these units are the result of an all-nighter or two.  Time for sleep?  Nope!

Now to finish the Dark Angels!  Whew!

Hapy Hobbying!


  1. Nice! I'm a big fan of using the possessed wings for chaos assault troops, and these look fantastic!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. These are very cool, I'm slowly letting my 40K batteries recharge. It's been slow going, I tried to paint some of my Noise Marines a while back and after a few coats of green on one figure I was like "BLAAAAH! I hate this!!!", the more I think about it though I do want keep working on stuff. The sticker prices on things though just turn me off. I'll keep following your progress though I like the looks of the things you make. If nothing else I'll live vicariously through your golden throne.