Friday, June 15, 2012

Black Templar Marshall

It was summertime and that meant time to run a 40k campaign.  Tau and Black Templars had been released very recently and all shops had to paint one 'good guy' and one 'bad guy' for weeks worth of battles.  Complete with unique special rules, these models were photographed and featured in a White Dwarf!  All shops had their models shown on this poster (I honestly don't remember the issue and I'm too lazy to look through my library right now), and there were some mind-blowing examples. 

This here is Marshalll Chamberlain.  Using the rules for a Marshall, he was also awarded with +1 strength and Furious Charge for the campaign.  Unfortunately, he met his demise by a swarm of Drones and an untimely retreat by his squad.  Embarassing...

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