Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Humble beginnings...

As you all know, I've been into this hobby for more than a couple of decades now.  In that time, I've played in thousands of battle, painted thousands of miniatures, and introduced thousands of faces to these toys of ours. 

I've learned a huge amount of skills and talents, especially in the ream of painting.  My models have gone on to win many paint contests and best army awards.  That being said, everyone has to start somewhere, and I humbly present a couple of my early works.

'Neets Imperialis'
This is a model from around '93 or so when I felt that painting these models wouldn't be as difficult to paint as model cars and airplanes.  Needless to say, I was wrong.  Also take notice of the crazy amount of decals.  Make no mistake, I was a modeller that liked decals, and yeah...  Did I mention that I meant the name to represent 'Knights of the Imperium' in Gothic?  My Latin needed work.

'Mad Rick'
My first true delving into the GW universe was the Necromunda box game.  I chose Orlock and my buddy chose Goliath as our gangs and we immediately jumped into painting.  By now I've been painting these toy soldiers badly for a couple of years, but at least I was beginning to show progress.  Also, Mad Rick was responsible for a ridiculous amount of kills in my old campaigns.  Go Mad Rick!

And there ya have it!  The first posts in my gallery shall be a showing of my starting points.  Please also remember that I have terrible camera-skills, so these images are not true-to-life somehow.  One day I hope to master it...

As always, Happy Hobbying!


  1. My early attempts were way worse, so bad most have been censored by the Inquisition.

    1. LOL! I can definitely understand that. And if it makes you feel better, these are by far the best of those ooooold doods I had back then. Please don't think I was even really this good, more just lucky. ;-)