Tuesday, May 22, 2012


First off, yay for the rumour-mill!  What info is out there to be had can never truly hide...

Okay, so the idea of flyers in 40k has always not sat well with me.  The concept of the ground-based conflicts of these otherwise small-scale formations has always been cool and perfectly fine.  When FW put out the flyer rules of their own, I remember how ridiculous it was to combat them.  In fact, I remember losing Lord Calgar to a Marauder bomber that just happened to be on a strafing run.

But the game has gotten stale.  There's only so many different upgrades you can add to make it an elite, heavily, and fast version of the typical troop and tank every army has.  The power scale has gotten back to second edition days when armies had some ridiculous toys backed up by a couple of doods.  Most importantly, the models have gotten out of this world awesome!  I don't care about all the hatred towards GW, even with my own reasons, because they continually release cooler models that make me want them.  And flyers are cool, in any world.

I am an Ultramarine, through and through.  If ever there's a release for any power-armored force out there, I wondering if my boyz-in-blue get any love.  These new space marine flyers are even painted in my colors!!!  Without further ado, here's the pics...

The idea of a fighter for Space MARINES is one that I'm not sure I could accept.  But these are little more than heavily-built land speeders.  They have cool engines and a wingtail that looks similar to the Stormraven, and tossesin the cool sponsons and turret.  It's a flying Predator tank that fits around a single marine!    This model certainly seems to fit the archetype while still being game-effective. 

And it's painted in my army's colors!!!! 


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