Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coming back...

I know that i've been gone for awhile.  I promised that I needed to simplify my work-life before I could dedicate myself to my hobby and this blog, but some unforseen circumstances presented themselves.  Let me explain:

I achieved a managment position in my company (yay!), which came with a decent salary but also constant work.  I could only get a few hours of sleep each night and then worked 18-hour days.  On the days off I had (my boss appreciated me enough to make sure I got them) I still ran around my rather large area (nearly 300 square miles) to supervise and aid my crews, so those days were also packed with work.  There's the initial reason for the dropoff in articles.

Then the Christmas season and, soon after, our busy work-season happened and basically presented me no time off whatsoever.  As if that wasn't rough enough, check this out:

It was nearly the end of January when I had a long-distance job early in the morning (actually quite normal), and there was a severe thunderstorm happening outside.  My high rank and class-F certification meant that I had to drive my crew and myself in the terrible weather.  Long story short- I got into a terrible accident.  I'll leave the details out, but I can tell you that I nearly died and broke my body. 

In that, my left arm was shattered and now I only have one hand (until I heal and reteach myself, anyway), so y'all can imagine how hard it is to a)type, b)build toy soldiers, or c)paint.  All that being said, I've been itching for a couple of months now to do some kind of hobbying or at least blog.  So here I am!

Here's my conundrum:  While I have plenty of time to recover before finally returning to work (two working hands and no fear of driving will help that happen alot faster), I'm lost as to what I should do.  It may be my head injury (and addled brain) speaking, but I'm lost when I go into my hobby room.  Therefore, I'm asking y'all- my loyal readers- to help me pick my next hobby task.  Not only will I finally have a mission (and something to do that'll break this monotony I feel), but I can also get you guys to get me some feedback and start visitting the site again.  Two birds, one stone, anyone?  :-)

Here's some thoughts I currently have:

1.  I need to build a Death Company Dreadnought and Honor Guard to finish building for my Blood Angels.
2.  I also need to paint a unit of Vetereans and a Stormraven Gunship for the same army.
3.  I need to build about 5 more Chimeras for my IG.
4.  I need to build some Vipers for my Eldar.
5.  I need to paint a huge amount of Eldar.
6.  I need to add a ton of stuff to my Word Bearers, mostly Raptors and vehicles.

7.  I still need to build a ton of Knights and Flagellants for my Empire.

8.  I have a gazillion Elves that are begging for paint.

Other GW
9.  I need to paint three different gangs for Necromunda.  Hell, my wife might even want to play!
10.  My Space Hulk is still mysteriously bare of paint, too.

Other games
11.  My mid-war Germans have been stripped and await some love for FoW.
12.  I've recently found my collection of Heroquest stuff, and it looks like it'd be fun to paint up and play again.  As a matter-of-fact, I'd even enjoy painting the furniture!

13.  I have a gazillion pieces of Cityfight terrain that needs to be built.  Side-note- this'll be helpful for Necromunda, too.
14.  I love some Planetstrike and have oodles of that terrain that could use some glue as well.

And I think that's it!  Let me know what y'all think and that's what I'll work on.  Until I have at least ten responses, I'm gonna sit tight and simply try to rant for awhile.  Please welcome me back and leave your thoughts, and as always-

Happy Hobbying!


  1. Wow, I thought I had a ton of projects to get after. Go with the Necromunda Gangs. It shouldn't take long to finish, which would give you a sence of accomplishment. And once your wife knows how to play, you can knock out a game or two in about as many hours. I love the big games like 40K and fantasy, but you're gonna be there all night for those.

  2. Bad luck with the accident, glad to know you survived the thing. If I were you I would get started with the Cityfight terrain; like you said it would be useful for Necromunda as well as 40K, also working on something big like that might help you get your hand eye coordination back on track. When I was teenager I shattered my index finger and it took me a few months to get full use of it again, stick with it I'm sure you'll be fine in no time.

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  4. I'm tempted to make this a challenge to get my own hobby back on track. Or not a challenge per se, but a return to the days when we'd sit at the apartment and work on our projects over tea and Metallica.

    So personally, I'd suggest the DC, Honor Guard, Vets, and Stormraven. Then I'd pull out some Assault, a Crusader squad, and a Land Raider.

  5. I have to vote for the last two -- Cityfight and Planetstrike terrain. Everything else'll forgive me -- fluff without a decent setting for your toy soldiers to stomp around in. (I've had similar hobby ambitions and have worked myself back into the loving arms of WoW. Time to reorganzie.)