Thursday, November 10, 2011

So long, Cygnar!

At the beginning of next week, I will be sending my Cygnar to a friend so that may finally see the battlefield.  He actually likes the game and I do not, so it seems only too obvious that he take this stuff and use it. 

Now I know that some of you are going to think I'm crazy for not liking War Machine, and I'd like to take some time to rant about why.  Believe it or not, it ain't as bad as y'all think.

Why don't I like War Machine?

There are really only two reasons.  The first is the gamers.  I didn't like the 'cut-throat' attitude of card gamers back when M:tG was getting popular, and War Machine players tend to exhibit the very same attitudes.  Worse, Privateer Press pushes this attitude.  Result:  Douchebag gamers of a higher concentration than even 40k.  I have enough problems with rules-lawyering and 'my trick trumps your trick', I don't need even more.  In this vein also exists the 40k hatred.  So many WM gamers poopoo all over GW's games and pontificate how awesome PP's rules systems are.  News flash:  Who the hell cares!?  War Machine is Final Fantasy VII in miniature form- that's not cool to me!  It all comes back to the higher concentration of douches...

The second reason is the same phenomenon that card games have- the evolution of the game leaving beginners behind.  I own the Prime rulebook and the 'codex' for Cygnar.  Since I've bought those, another two books have been released with even newer and better stuff!  And before this Mark II was released, there were four books that one had to buy to keep up with it all!  I, personally, don't feel like having to buy a new book for $50 every time the designers decide to make bigger models, only to spend another $60 on one dood!  At least 40k has everything in a rulebook and a single codex for any given army.  But for Cygnar, I felt that I didn't have a chance to win since I was still rockin' the prime stuff and I wasn't sporting a dozen lightning-wielding maniacs and a monster chariot arc node machine thingy.  If PP would stop putting out newer, more broken stuff, I'd have the time to catch my breath and actually get started.  But nooooooooo.  I fall two books behind and now my Warcaster is the most basic, useless version in the game.  That's poop.  I'd rather just play Space Marines.

Other than that, I didn't mind the game at all.  The models have gotten better (Cryx and Menoth are awesome, the rest are sub-par for what I'm used to), the rules are pretty solid, and the background is pretty nifty.  If I didn't see the daily GW-flaming going on from PP gamers, I probably wouldn't be so willing to dump my stuff.  As a GW gamer, I'd like to remind people that you attract more flies with honey and all that jazz.  If you hate GW, suck it.  They're still the best and even leaving the service of the Imperium isn't enough to change my mind.

Now, picture time.  Here's what I'm parting with, on top of the Prime Rulebook and the Cygnar army book, as well as dice and cards (duh):

I will say that I am going to miss having these models.  As you can see by the first three, I really enjoy painting (especially blue).  But they need to battle something, and that just isn't going to happen under my ownership...

So long, Cygnar!

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  1. I've never been real excited about Warmachine. The background is kind of neat, and some of the models are very impressive - others fall kind of flat though. As far as the game goes, different strokes for different folks. Warmachine is generally a better fit for the "gamer" than the hobbyist. It's a good robust, rules system (nothing is overpowered because everything is overpowered) but it feels kind of gimmicky.

    Tier lists attempted to remedy this problem, but nobody uses those. Pity, they're a good idea. The artwork in the books is really pretty good overall.

    The plasti-resin models are a pain though. Mold lines right over small details, hard to reach places, big casting blocks attached to the model parts. Ugh.

    I like doing Warmachine when I burn out with 40K, and then I usually come back to 40K.