Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gotta say

I imagine most of you have seen all the news about the new Necrons.  I, too, have immersed myself in all the rumours of rules and leaked info.  But I wanted to take a totally different angle right now...

Have you guys noticed the level of miniatures that GW has been putting out lately?  If not, let me show you some of my favorites and rant a bit about it.

First came the ridulously cool Tomb Kings releases:

Fantasy's next release was the awesome Ogre update:

These are certainly amazing!  The sheer amount of detail...

The Dark Eldar finally graced us after all these years:

This army, especially the pain engines, captures the army's character so well that I'm almost thinking of donating a kidney to start them up.  My hatred of Dark Eldar knows no bounds, but damn! these models are awesome!

And now, finally, the Necrons. 

And my hatred of Necrons is renowned across many states!  But really GW?  Really?

My point is, with this rare of positive rant posts, that the quality of models GW has been releasing has been insane.  While everyone else is out there poring over massive blogrolls of rules and already determining the best units in the book, I'm admiring the hell outta these models.

On that note, we all understand how expensive this stuff is.  But can anyone really complain when THIS is what our money is paying for?  Anyone remember GW's models in '92?  Anyone remember PP's first character models, as two-dimensional as possible?  Have miniatures come a long way or what?

Happy Hobbying!


  1. How dare you! What's the matter with you? Choosing to focus on the aesthetic of these awesome looking minis rather than how you could hypothetically pwn your opponent. It's like you choose to view this thing as a multi-faceted hobby instead of glorious plastic conquest. Now that I got the fake indignation out of the way, those are really cool looking minis!

  2. I finally decided I'm going to buy some models just for painting with no intention of building an entire army. GW frequently gets on my nerves for a lot of other reasons, but they do make incredible miniatures and models.