Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marksavian War

 In the year 927.m41, Sector Lords dispatched the Blood Angels to investigate the planet Marksavia.  This planet was recently colonized, but contact with the settlement had been recently lost.  Fearing the worst, the authorities decided that a Space Marine force would be more efficient and faster than a full Imperial mobilization.  Two weeks after the request, a Strike Cruiser carrying a detachment of the Blood Angels' 5th Company arrived in system.

Intelligence indicated that the planet was a lush, verdant world untouched by industrialization and devoid of any indigenious sentient life.  Although discovered by Imperial cartographers millenia ago, it had only been colonized within the last century.  The system was very lightly populated and the planet's resources had yet to be catalogued.  More importantly, the sytem was near enough to many warzones and the Sector Lords felt the planet may have some strategic value. 

The Blood Angels were charged with investigating why contact had been lost and, if necessary, pacify the world and bring it back to Imperial control.

The Space Marine advance force found the planet completely silent and, upon planetfall, found almost no traces that mankind had ever been there.  Besides some bunkers and scant Imperial ruins, the world seemed untouched.  Of the colonists and original settlements nothing was found at all.  Before the Marines had a chance to report their findings, they were attacked.  The attack was sudden and brutal, as though the enemy had simply appeared from the mists like rabid animals.  Unlike the colonists, the Blood Angels withstood the attack and determined that the enemy was the perfidious Eldar.

Little did the Imperium know, this world was an Eldar Maiden World.  The human colonization was an affront to the xenos' plans for the planet and were exterminated.  Unfortunately for the Eldar, the Imperium cared little for such things and tasked the Blood Angels with clearing the planet of the alien taint and reclaiming it for colonization once again.  So started the Marksavian War...

This starts a new series of posts that I'm working on now.  I've constantly preached about the aspect of 'fluffy' gaming versus competitive, so I figured that I should back up my words with action.  Following shall be battle reports between the Eldar and Blood Angels in a storyline campaign.  My brother has the glory of playing as the Blood Angels 5th Company in their war to reconquer the planet while I will be playing the Eldar of Craftworld Toryenni attempting to keep command of their Maiden World.  Enjoy!

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