Friday, July 8, 2011

Super pumped!!!

Tomorrow, I go down and spend more money than I have at the game shop.  I'm only gonna drop between $50 and $100, but it's alot of money to me right now.  It's money that I wasn't planning on spending three weeks ago.  But I'm too excited not to.

Storm of Magic, I believe, may be the thing that finally topples 40k's dominance here in America.  I know we like our big guns and high tech, but the American fascination with Medieval Fantasy is what got me into gaming to start with.  Unfortunately, Warhammer has failed to capture the imagination of the gamers here.  I'm not saying there are no Warhammer players in the US- that would be completely false.  In fact, I've personally recruited and entertained thousands of 'em!  But I can't refute the fact that my 40k Game Nights were ALWAYS more packed than my Fantasy Nights.

However, that may end.  The scale of Warhammer has crept up from 2000 point games to 3000 pts.  That makes us High Elf and Warriors of Chaos players really happy!  The game is now more random- somewhat neutering the power gamers out there- which makes it more fun for us hobbyists.  And Warhammer rules are very intuitive now- 2nd rank attacks and shooting, strength in numbers, badass-ness of monsters now!  And a rulebook to be proud of (especially after the cost of that behemoth)!

I don't play these games anymore, mostly because my LGS is full of uninspired hobbyists (most of them don't even paint their own armies!!!).  But it doesn't take alot to get me back into the shop and rolling dice.  New supplements always work.  A renewed interest in an army works too.  Cue 'Storm of Magic' and my revitalization project on my High Elves...

While playing Storm of Magic, you must bring 25% more in points just for monsters and magic items.  You also get to set up additional pieces of terrain- all of which look amazing!  Each player receives up to twice as many magic and dispel dice and wizards gain access to over-powered spells that can destroy entire units or summon random allies!  Finally (as if that's not enough), monsters are covered!!

I wanna take this moment to speak to all my Dungeons & Dragons-playing friends:
The Storm of Magic book is a perfect 'Monsters Manual' for Warhammer.  It makes that loony idea of 4E Warhammer RP so much more enticing.  Just tossing that out there...

I have an Empire army with a Steam Tank.  I have a WoC army with a Shaggoth.  But above them all, suddenly, is my High Elves with their Griffon, couple of Dragons, Great Eagles galore, and more Mages than you can shake a wand at.  Good rules in Warhammer and now a supplement for just that stuff? 

Oh yeah.  It is so on now;  I am super pumped!

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